Not your typical pizza delivery joint, Uncle Tony’s Pizza is led by Italian chef Tony Alvaro Bianchi, who is known to be faster than the average pizza maker. (Um… Spongebob versus The Patty Gadget reference anyone?) If you’re looking for authentic Italian pizza delivery, read on.

Thin Crust Pizza

Handmade daily in the morning, their pizza dough is on the thinner end of the spectrum, having a crispy, biscuit-like texture. I’m not usually a pizza crust kinda person, but I found myself happily munching away at the entire thing, probably because of how addictive the crisp was.

We got Pesto Chicken, BBQ Chicken and Chicken Supreme.

pesto pizza, uncle tony pizza review

The pesto lacked a little flavor. It wasn’t very aromatic and I would’ve preferred a sharper savoriness to it. But my mom, who preferred lighter seasoning, really loved it. 

bbq chicken pizza, uncle tony pizza review

On the other hand, the barbecue, although looking a little plain and different from the photo on the website, was surprisingly delectable. You get the classic barbecue flavor, followed by an intensifying spice that gently scorches your tongue.

Side Dishes

fried chicken wings, uncle tony pizza review

Their side dishes were more memorable, especially the Crispy Chicken Wings. It was still hot and crispy despite the long ride to my house. The highlight though, was the thin layer of chili sauce underneath the skin, which gave it a nice kick and an additional layer of flavor.

Similarly, the Fish Fingers were still rather crispy, although not as crispy as the wings. I would’ve preferred a more complex sauce than mayonnaise. Although, taking a trip back to the classics wasn’t such a bad experience either.

pizza delivery singapore, uncle tony pizza review

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