Iced Caramel Latte from Under der Linden

Run by the folks at Cafe de Nicole’s Flower, Under der Linden is the latest pet-friendly, floral-themed cafe at One-north. 

The cafe is eponymous of a famous poem written in the medieval ages. Its proses are printed in cursive on the cafe’s walls, bequeathing an archaic beauty upon it. Yet, its furnishing and choice of glassware pulls its aesthetic towards a more modern sort of elegance.

Dining here was certainly an experience for the sight. The heavy adornment of flora was an obvious observation, but even the drinks were served in a fashionable manner.

While the drink comes in a bottle and ribbed glass on the side, this is no whiskey. In fact, its intensity was the complete opposite. Under der Linden’s Cold Brew Glutinous Rice Pu-er ($9), albeit smooth, lacked depth.

Steeping tea leaves in cold water removes the astringency of the tea and underscore the subtle nuances. This achieved a light-tasting brew, but the flavours here were flat. Perhaps the tea leaves themselves were lacking, but the glutinous rice did little to elevate the experience.

Chye Huat Seng Hardware, a coffeehouse at Jalan Besar, does it better by infusing honey and figs into their cold brew jasmine tea.

Perhaps the Linden Creations would fair better. Speciality drinks exclusive to the cafe, they are non-alcoholic concoctions comprising fresh fruits and herbs.

On The Heather ($8) is a refreshing blend of calamansi and apple in sparkling soda. Meanwhile, the Heaven’s Queen ($8) mixes mint leaves, lime and the bartender’s choice of fruit.

Espresso-based coffee and cold brews also available.

No-frills Italian cuisine

Their lunch menu is limited to eight mains.

The Barramundi ($30) comprised simple flavours. Its innate earthiness paired well with the light, briny flavour of the pool of clam emulsion. However, it was a tad chewy.

The lettuce was also unevenly charred, though it’s worth mentioning that the properly-charred areas were divine. It was smoky with a light crisp whilst retaining its freshness.

Meanwhile, the Grass fed Argentina Angus Ribeye ($38), despite lacking in colour, was flavourful especially with the pairing of a rich red wine jus.

One of the more affordable options on the list, the Nduja Ragu Pappardelle ($22) is topped with nduja, a spicy Italian sausage. It’s surprisingly light in flavour, resembling minced pork. The pappardelle also had a nice bite and was evenly coated in sauce.

However, the ragu had a sharp tangy note instead of deep hearty flavours that would’ve developed with hours of slow cooking. It was a decent dish that had room for improvement.

Bar bites are available between 3:30pm to 5pm, while their dinner menu is available from 5:30pm onwards.


Cloistered within One-north, coupled with the cafe’s whimsical decor, Under der Linden feels like an escape from reality.

The food is slightly over-priced, but it is still reasonable considering the ambience of the cafe. However, Cafe de Nicole’s Flower is more value-for-money. Lower prices, more variety and honestly, higher-quality food.

Location: 5B Portsdown Rd, Singapore 139311
Tel: +65 9838 2977
Opening hours:
Mon- Thur: 9am- 9pm
Fri- Sat: 9am- 10pm
Sunday: 9am- 9pm


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