Even shopaholics can face dilemmas when it comes to Valentine’s Day shopping for their significant other. If you don’t want to bag home a bunch of gifts, here’s a guide to make your life easier.

From premium leather goods to unique repurposed home decor, here are 12 Valentine’s Day gift ideas you can easily get in Singapore.

1. Les Fleurs from Oo La Lab

Photo: Oo La Lab

Elevate your Valentine’s Day with Les Fleurs ($98), a mesmerising fragrance gift set from Oo La Lab that speaks the language of love through five iconic florals — Muguet, Rose, Jasmine, Violet, and Orris.

This carefully curated gift set is a sensory journey, each scent telling a unique tale of romance. Crafted with precision, Oo La Lab’s commitment to authenticity ensures a botanical masterpiece that transcends traditional gifting.

Oo La Lab

2. Disney merchandise from FairPrice

Photo: Axxel Marketing

Transport your loved one to an enchanted realm with FairPrice’s new collaboration with Disney, their Enchanted Living Collection launches on 4 January 2024 at all stores. From Disney Princess Expandable Cabin Luggage ($139.9) to Disney Princess Travel Jewellery Organiser ($89.9), this collection offers a touch of magic for every Disney enthusiast. Other than that, they offers collection of Disney dinnerware, towel set, and a family tile game set. Surprise your Valentine with a piece of the enchantment, blending practicality with the whimsy of their favourite characters.


3. Couple Jacuzzi Spa Retreat from Element Wellness

Photo: Element Wellness

This Valentine’s Day, spend the day together by treating your significant other to an indulgent Couple Jacuzzi Spa Retreat ($385) at Element Wellness, available exclusively at the Somerset 313 outlet. The package includes a 60-minute full-body massage, a 40-minute Muscat Rose & Green Tea Foambath in a private jacuzzi, all in the intimate setting of a couple’s massage room. Create lasting memories with a spa experience that pampers both the body and soul, making this Valentine’s Day truly unforgettable.

Element Wellness

4. Customised gifts from Coxo Vanessa

Photo: Coxo Vanessa

Imagine sipping your morning coffee together, each cup uniquely tailored with your names or a special date—it’s a simple yet heartwarming way to celebrate your love and create a lasting connection in the little moments you share.

Originating as a platform dedicated to the artistry of handmade goods and a passion for crafting, Coxo Vanessa has transformed into an online haven for personalised gifts and meticulously crafted resin products. Standout gifts include the Corduroy Mini Tote Bag, tailored specifically for her, and the Insulated Coffee Cup, now available in a charming Lilac hue for Valentine’s Day. 

Whether seeking a thoughtful gift for him or her, Coxo Vanessa promises to deliver a heartfelt and distinctive expression of love, making it the perfect choice for those looking to celebrate romance in Singapore.

Coxo Vanessa

5. Sex Toys from Hedonist

Photo: Hedonist

Break free from conventional gift-giving rules and explore a different dimension of intimacy this Valentine’s Day with Hedonist, a brand reshaping the narrative around sexual wellness in Singapore. Offering a curated collection of over 50 pleasure products, from vibrators to lingerie and more, Hedonist caters to both self-discovery and enhancing relationships, ensuring there’s something for every desire and preference. Contrary to common misconceptions, sex toys aren’t just for singles; they can be a thrilling addition to a couple’s intimate journey.

This female-forward brand goes beyond retail, offering private parties and inclusive workshops for all genders, couples included. Led by pleasure experts, these experiences aim to enrich and enlighten, making intimacy an adventurous and empowering journey for couples. So, this Valentine’s Day, embrace the unique and liberating gift of Hedonist, fostering a deeper connection and adding an exciting spark to your relationship. 

Quote D65XHEDONIST to enjoy 10% discount storewide (excluding workshops, events, and gift cards)


6. Blissful Crystal Cube from The Floral Atelier

Photo: The Floral Atelier

Embrace the eternity of love with The Floral Atelier’s Blissful Crystal Cube ($255) — a floral creation that transcends time.

Featuring Eternity Garden Roses, Hydrangeas, and Bunny Tails in a dreamy dusty pink, expertly handcrafted in an iconic crystal cube. What makes it truly special? No need for watering or maintenance. Gift your loved one an everlasting expression of love with this exquisite floral creation from The Floral Atelier.

The Floral Atelier

7. Bags from Pazzion

Photo: Pazzion

Elevate the style of the special woman in your life with Pazzion’s Mini Kaylee Diamante Embellished Purse Bag ($89) – a compact accessory with a major sartorial impact. Crafted from luxurious cowhide leather and adorned with shimmery diamantes, this mini purse bag is the ideal gift to complement her style for a night out or special occasions.


8. Baroque Maxi Book Garden from Venchi

Photo: Venchi

Indulge your Valentine’s sweet tooth with Venchi’s Baroque Maxi Book Garden ($82). This chocolate gift box is not just a treat for the taste buds but a visual delight inspired by opulent Baroque style. Elegant patterns and deep blue colors provide the backdrop for a bouquet of flowers, creating a mouth-watering journey through Italian art. Inside, discover a selection of dark, milk, and pistachio chocolates with tantalizing Gianduia or caramelized PGI Piedmont Hazelnut crunch, coffee, or mint – a burst of flavors to suit every taste.


9. Bath bombs from Lush

Photo: Allure

Pamper your loved one with relaxation and self-care this Valentine’s Day, courtesy of Lush’s delightful bath bombs. For a sweet and fruity experience, try the Peachy ($16) bath bomb, featuring swoon-worthy davana oil and fresh peach juice waters that leave your skin soft and delicately scented. Alternatively, dive into a dreamy magnesium soak with the Deep Sleep ($20) bath bomb, where the soothing lavender scent fills the air, making it the perfect way to unwind and indulge in a little self-love.


10. Bags from Gaston Luga

Photo: Gaston Luga

A gift for your gentleman which emphasises on style and functionality, the SPLÄSH 2.0 – 16″ Backpack + Accessory Set ($271) from Gaston Luga is the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift. Crafted from waterproof and recycled materials, this backpack seamlessly blends practicality with eco-conscious fashion. Perfect for work or study, the set includes a versatile accessory kit.

Meanwhile, for the ladies, the SPLÄSHINI Cloud Cream ($139) crossbody bag is a chic daily companion. With an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap and an inner zipped pocket for organization, it’s a fashionable yet functional choice. Elevate your loved one’s everyday carry with Gaston Luga’s thoughtfully designed backpacks.

Gaston Luga

11. Loafers from Arden Teal

Black Tassel Loafer (left). Penny Loafer (right). Photo: Arden Teal

Arden Teal uses high quality leather from Argentina, known worldwide for their leather tanning prowess and rich heritage. 

From their collection of loafers, boots and duffel bags, we recommend the Aguilares Black Tassel Loafer ($299) or the Arrecifes Chestnut Penny Loafer ($299). Loafers are a staple for formal wear, but it’s also become an increasingly popular option for streetwear.

Click here to read our full review on their best-selling Chelsea boots.

Arden Teal

12. Quarter-zip from Ralph Lauren

Mesh-Knit Cotton Quarter-Zip Jumper. Photo: Ralph Lauren

The quarter-zip is an increasingly popular apparel in the wardrobe, and what better brand to purchase than Ralph Lauren.

It’s available at price from their original store. But if you’re an advocate for sustainable fashion (and if you want to save a few bucks), you can get it at $30-50 at thrift stores like Tass Store.

Ralph Lauren

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