Pouring Iced Latte at Venture Drive

Minimalistic cafes no longer impress. But the lack of character in the cafe was not just a shortcut to Instagram fame. Following the footsteps of third-wave coffee bars, Yuk Wong and Xue Ru, the founders of Venture Drive, wanted to place the emphasis on their coffee.

Their prices struck me first, with a cup of White going from $5, lower than any tasteless cups at more popular establishments.

Of course, quality was not compromised here. Every roast in their family had its distinct persona, starting with the Columbia Andres Guaca Natural Rum Aged Pink Bourbon (+$1.5). Specialists use a unique processing method that ages coffee fruits in rum barrels. The whiff of rum hit me before even before my lips touched the warm surface and the sweetness is accentuated by an earthy note in the backdrop.

Holding up an Iced Latte at Venture Drive, NTU

Meanwhile, their basic blend- Opus 27 Moonlight Sonata Blend– promised a combination of dark chocolate, brown sugar and rose. Decent, but a basic profile nonetheless. I also thought that my cup was slightly over-extracted.

A close relative of their house blend is the Columbia Luis Anibal Washed Lactic ($1). Applewood, condensed milk and chocolate were good ingredients for dessert, and this sweet combination ended up as a rich cup of coffee with a sweet undertone.

Venture Drive is not new to their scene and they have just opened their newest branch at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). But, it is so much more than a convenient pitstop on a grueling school day.

Location: 50 Nanyang Avenue, North Spine Plaza #NS3-01-13 Singapore 639798
Opening hours: 7:30am- 8:30pm

Venture Drive locations

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