Twirling pasta for Bulgogi Beef Fettucine

The vibes of this floral-theme cafe at Somerset fully depicts Katrina and the Waves’ hit song.

Located on the third floor of Orchard Central, Walking On Sunshine is a cafe cum beauty salon that serves Korean fusion dishes.

Korean-inspired dishes 

The Bulgogi Beef Cream Fettuccine ($25) was a fine example of Korean fusion. Cream is an unorthodox ingredient in traditional fettuccine, but it is also one that Korean households would commonly add to their pasta, or so I’ve seen on mainstream media.

There was a generous portion of beef that was tender and lightly marinated and the pasta was al dente, with a glossy coating of cream. Some cream pasta become too decadent halfway through, but this was fine.

Paying $30 for such a small portion of meat wouldn’t be a problem if it’s worth the price. But, the Beef Short Rib ($29.5) at Walking On Sunshine made me feel a little cheated.

It had an uneven braise. Some parts were tender, but most of it didn’t meet the benchmark.

It was paired with a demi-glaze sauce but overall, it lacked depth of flavour.

Besides its thick canopy of greens, Walking on Sunshine is also renowned for their Souffle Pancakes ($25).

The pancakes came in a stack of three and they were drenched in cream, fruits and nuts. It was a beautiful mess and the texture was resemblant of the ones from Flippers– a little more cakey, with more bite, unlike the airy ones at Fluff Stack.

Some people may perceive it as a dense soufflé pancake, and they might not be wrong. But I like my pancakes with a little more bite. That being said, I wouldn’t pay S$25 for soufflé pancakes. My money would go to Fluff Stack or even Flippers. This was by far the most expensive one in the market.


Dalgona Coffee ($7), not the ones we were obsessed with during Circuit Breaker, but the original from Seoul which was an espresso-based coffee sweetened with honeycomb toffee. It adds a unique sweetness and a little bit of depth to the coffee.

For drinks that was a little more ‘wellness’, you can choose among their Ginseng Collection. Ginseng Americano ($7.5), Ginseng Coffee Latte ($8), Ginseng Cappuccino ($8) and Ginseng Smoothie ($13).

I got the Ginseng Latte ($8). While the flavour profile was palatable, I was disappointed by the furtiveness of the ginseng. The flavours were mild enough as it was, but the addition of ginger further suppressed it.

The manager explained that it was because the average Singaporean preferred a milder ginger taste and that I could request ‘stronger ginseng’ on my next visit, which I highly recommend everyone requesting for as the original proportion was way too mild.

Kroffle Buffet Walking on Sunshine flatlay

They’ve also recently launched their daily Kroffle Buffet for $14.9++.

Cafe cum hair salon

Walking on Sunshine was also a hair salon, kind of like Ballad of Anna May and Hounds of The Baskerville. Their recent renovation not only improved the dining experience- as the layout resulted in more personal space- it fully separated the salon from the cafe.

Before this, I distinctly remember the acrid odour of chemicals as I drank my coffee. Not a good experience. So I’m glad they did whatever was necessary as there wasn’t such an issue on my recent visit.


A lot of items on the menu appealed to me and honestly, the food was pretty delectable (the Beef Short Ribs had space to improve but it wasn’t exactly bad). But, the price was higher than average, to account for its location in Somerset and the ethereal decors.

It was honestly one the prettiest floral-themed cafe, on par with Cafe de Nicole Flower but of a different colour palette. In short, the food at Walking on Sunshine was above average. But you’re mainly paying for the ambience.

And yes, the plants in Walking On Sunshine are for sale, for anyone who’s wondering.

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Location: 181 Orchard Rd, #03-07 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
+65 8877 8800
Opening hours:
10am- 8pm (Opens at 10:30am on Fridays)


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