All-day brunch in Singapore? Not everyone does it like Wild Honey. Wild Honey is a breakfast and brunch establishment with outlets at Mandarin Gallery, Scotts Square and South Beach, with brunch fare that is not only flawlessly executed, and cooked with premium ingredients, but puts an interesting spin on what some may refer to as a ‘basic brunch meal’. While avocado toasts and eggs Benedict are still on the menu, they’ve incorporated elements from different cuisines all over the world.

Take a trip around the world

The dishes on Wild Honey’s menu are named after the region they were from, such as the Tunisian (S$24) which is a spicy shakshuka and Norwegian (S$28) for their speciality Norwegian salmon.

When you think Spanish, you think robust, colorful, a fireworks performance in your mouth, perhaps. And that’s exactly what the Spanish (S$25) at Wild Honey was like. Two perfectly poached eggs (I’ve been here a couple of times and they were always perfectly poached) paired with their Signature brioche that is eggy and rich and a plate of diced chorizo, house corned beef  & potato. It was meaty and flavourful, but it doesn’t leave your mouth tasting like salt.

For a classy eggs benedict, opt for the European (S$24). It was visually stunning, with the prosciutto-wrapped poached egg perked atop a bed of sautéed mushrooms and their brioche. The rich hollandaise sauce is carefully poured into the prosciutto shawl, turning it into a flavour bomb of a sort. Again, every element of the dish was presented flawlessly. Although a little more mushrooms wouldn’t hurt anyone.

The Norwegian (S$28) shared a similar concept, using Norwegian smoked salmon, avocado and asparagus instead. The fish roe adds pops of umami in an otherwise slightly mundane flavour profile.

For desserts, the Canadian (S$20) was a cute option with the maple leaf powdered sugar. The pancakes were nothing much to shout about but I guess the pure Canadian maple syrup on the side is worth a mention.

Coffee & Tea

Wild Honey gets their blend from Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) and their tea from TWG. CMCR is your mediocre cafe blend that features a nutty profile with a lingering bitter finish. It’s not bad but it lacks finesse.


It’s definitely pricier than most cafes in Singapore but the more unique flavour such as the Spanish is worth the price. And, it’s a small price to pay for being able to travel the world in one seating.

Making a reservation is highly recommended as it gets crowded during lunch and dinner times.

Location: #333A Orchard Rd, Mandarin Gallery, #03-01/02, Singapore 238897
Tel: +65 6235 3900
Opening hours: 9am- 9pm (mon-thur); 9am- 10pm (fri, ph eve); 8am- 10pm (sat); 8am- 9pm (sun, ph)


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