Marvel figurines at XM Studio

Marvel and DC fans rejoice with the opening of this marvel store along Lavender Road.

DC figurines at XM Studio

Spanning across 19,000 square feet, roughly the size of three basketball courts, XM Studios is filled with more than 300 premium figurines and statues of popular characters from Marvel, DC, Transformers and others.

  • Marvel figurines at XM Studio
  • DC figurines at XM Studio
  • Godzilla figurines at XM Studios

While these collectibles do come with a rather expensive price tag, they are also free for public viewing.

The themed galleries are displayed with various popular superhero and villain characters. Expect familiar faces like Ironman, Spiderman, Thanos, Batman, Joker and more. There are also other less common characters that only true diehard comic fans will recognise.

Some of these figurines have a price tag that ranges in the thousands, but the quality and designs are truly remarkable. It was honestly hard to resist not lugging at least one piece home after the visit.

Waffles and coffee at 99 Coffee and Gelato

Nothing beats sitting down at a quaint and cosy cafe after a ‘museum’ visit to sip on a cuppa hot coffee and indulge in some waffles with ice-cream.

It was impossible to walk away from the cafe after taking a whiff of their freshly baked pastries and waffles from just the corner. Each scoop of ice-cream starts from $6, with quirky flavours like Strawberry Tomato, Ricotta & Lime Curd and Ceylon Tea & Peach Liquer.

If you’re feeling basic, their Tahitian vanilla doesn’t disappoint as it comes with an intensely aromatic and creamy flavour.

The beverages menu is extensive, with a variety of drinks such as Caramelised Banana shake, Drifting Snowflake Jasmine Green Tea and a selection of coffee.

Location: 809 French Road, Level 3, Kitchener Complex, Singapore 200809
Opening hours:
Mon- Fri: 11am- 8pm
Sat- Sun: 10am-8pm

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