Yogurt drinks was the hype for a while back then. Not quite the close substitute, but it is a relatively healthier option when it comes to curbing your bubble tea cravings.

Due to the Circuit Breaker situation, Yomie’s Rice x Yogurt is offering free delivery when you order a minimum of four cups. And yes, it is islandwide.

While yogurt drinks have absolutely zero similarities to our fragrant, milky large-bubbletea-with-pearl-75%-sugar-pls, it does have less sugar and is packed with probiotics. Its thick, creamy texture also renders this a possible substitute for meals (trust me on this).

Starting off the review with their signature Purple Rice Yogurt (S$5.6). The natural sweetness of the purple rice accentuated the tanginess of the yogurt, giving the drink a good balance of flavors.

The Pure Red Bean Yogurt (S$5.6) had an earthier tone to the drink, as the deep flavors of the red beans suppressed the bright notes of the yogurt.

Lastly, their Straw To My Berry (S$6.6) is a tangier rendition of a thicccc strawberry milkshake. The strawberry didn’t taste like cough syrup (my fear of every strawberry-flavored food) and the inclusion of strawberry bits not only enhanced its flavor, but added a layer of texture to the creamy drink.

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Source: Yomie’s Rice x Yogurt

To order, simply WhatsApp +65 9822 8635 at least one day before.

Do note that they only deliver from Tuesday to Sunday and only to selected areas on certain days.

Location: Citylink Mall, Raffles Link, #B1-07A 1, 039393
Tel: +65 8332 0535
Opening hours: 10am- 10pm

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