Espresso pull with a naked portafilter. Source: Zerah Coffee Roasters

Zerah Coffee Roasters — a minimalistic coffee house in Bugis with a poetic story.

Named after the Hebrew word for ‘seed’, Zerah Coffee Roasters tells the story of how a tiny seed can grow into something beautiful.

Brandon Foo, the founder of the minimalistic coffee house, started roasting coffee at home as a hobby. Eventually, he began roasting for his friends, and it eventually grew into a full-fledged business. Similar to how a cup of coffee originate from a single seed, Zerah Coffee Roasters was built atop Foo’s passion for coffee.

Located between Bugis and Lavender MRT Station, Zerah Coffee Roasters, sometimes referred to as Zerah Cafe, provides the ultimate bean-to-cup experience.

Our honest review of Zerah Coffee Roasters

Barista at Zerah Coffee Roas

The beans are first sourced from various parts of the world, before they’re roasted in-house. Foo mentioned that they gravitate towards coffee that are vibrant and balanced.

Foo has a soft spot for washed processed coffees from Central America. He fondly recalls the clean and crisp apple notes of one of the washed carbonic maceration processed coffee they procured last season. It is no longer on their menu.

The beans that are currently in store originate from Ethiopia, Guatemala and Colombia.

I ordered a filter coffee with the Shoondhisa Ethiopia ($7) that is relatively more acidic, with a sweet aftertaste.

The coffee beans are also available for sale in 250g and 500g quantities.

Ambience at Zerah Coffee Roasters

Interior of Zerah Coffee Roasters, also known as Zerah Cafe in Bugis
Interior of Zerah Coffee Roasters

Deck in oak and white, Zerah Coffee Roasters, has a cosy interior with four small tables, and two rattan benches as shown in the image.

Coffee workshops at this cafe

Occasionally, Zerah Coffee Roasters also hosts coffee-related workshops, such as their Cupping Session which occurred on 31 January 2024, allowing more both casual coffee lovers and connoisseurs to learn more about coffee. If you’re looking for something new to do in Singapore this weekend, keep an eye out for updates on Zerah’s Instagram page.

Our verdict

So what’s our review of Zerah Coffee Roasters?

The coffee is great, probably one of the best in Bugis and Lavender (I mean, it has to be, considering it’s the only thing on their menu). But it’s a pity their menu hasn’t expanded to include brunch or even small bakes and pastries.

With a small seating area and chairs that were not the most comfortable, Zerah Coffee Roasters is also not the best place for a catch up with friends or for an intimate date. In my opinion, it’s more suited as solo date destination to appreciate a solid cup of coffee.

Zerah Coffee Roasters

Location: 465 North Bridge Rd, #02-5063, Singapore 191465
Opening hours:
Mon-Wed: Closed
Thu-Fri: 10am-4pm
Sat-Sun: 10am-5pm

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