Gone are the days when you have to wait till the Durian season to be able to relish this delicious and bittersweet treat. With Singapore’s food scene getting increasingly creative these days, you’ll find a myriad of interesting Durian food. But guess what? The dishes are not only limited to desserts, but your savoury dishes as well. As a durian enthusiast, you might just want to take on durian in its every form. Durian season or not, it doesn’t matter.

1. Forbidden | Durian Cigars and Roulade

Forbidden, a subsidiary of Sunnyhills, produces the ultimate artisanal durian confections that are made from the finest grade ingredients. Premium Durian creations including the Mao Shan Wang Durian Roulade and D24 Cigar Roll are going to get Durian lovers excited! Because of its airy and non-gelat texture of the cigar roll, you might just find yourself unknowingly munching on a second piece, and a third piece, and another.

Forbidden Durian

2. Golden Moments | Golden QQ, Mooncake, Cake, and Ice-cream

Photo: Golden Moments

Golden Moments has paved its way through success with its exquisite signature masterpiece — Mao Shan Wang Durian Mooncake. Enrobed in black bamboo charcoal snowskin with a dust of gold sprinkles, and made with 100% pure Mao Shan Wang Puree, this delectable masterpiece is favoured by many Singaporeans. Durian lovers will be thrilled as Golden Moments have also been debuting new Durian flavoured treats such as the Golden QQ, 24K Premium Mao Shan Wang Ice cream and Signature Galaxy Durian Cake.

Golden Moments

Location: 71A Geylang Rd, Singapore 389194

3. Cat & The Fiddle | Mao Shan Wang Cheesecake

Photo: Cat & The Fiddle

While some might find the durian and cheese combination too gelat, others might love this perfect match of the Mao Shan Wang Cheesecake from Cat & The Fiddle. It’s soft and spongy durian spongecake filled with Mao Shan Wang cream cheese creates a rich and aromatic flavour. Combined with its smooth and velvety texture, this cake is truly remarkable and a must try for all durian and cheesecake lovers.

Locate them!
The Central @ Clarke Quay
6 Eu Tong Sen St #01-41
Singapore 059817

4. Sinpopo Coffee | Durian Banh Mi and Mao Shan Wang Tiramisu

Sinpopo Coffee is not just your ordinary modern hipster cafe, it whips up uniquely Singaporean dishes that are locally inspiring. Durian Banh Mi is a crispy baguette filled with a generous serving of creamy and bittersweet Mao Shan Wang durian and mixed with crunchy gula melaka bits. And if you’re in for a sweet treat, they also offer a variety of other local specialities which include the Mao Shan Wang Tiramisu, made with pure durian cream enveloped between thin layers of mascarpone and coconut finger biscuit.

Source: Sinpopo Coffee


5. Four Seasons Durian | Durian Pizza and Hotpot

Source: Four Seasons Durian

Four Seasons Durian has recently opened an all new Durian concept restaurant at Jewel Changi Airport, where you can indulge freely over all kinds of Durian dishes, including sweet and savoury types. You can put your love for durian to the test with Four Seasons Durian’s Pizza and Durian Hotpot – it’s not for the faint hearted though. With its pungent bittersweet aroma and buttery texture, it’s perhaps no surprise why some will find the flavours complementing well. Their chefs whip up a pretty impressive array of other Durian delicacies for adventurous Durian lovers to taste every single one of them.

Four Seasons Durian

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