Have you ever wondered how these petite colourful ‘cookies’ sandwiched with filling can cost a few dollars per piece? You’re not alone. But after taking the first bite – savouring the profound taste of these exquisite Parisian treats, as well as understanding the efforts behind the harmony of almond flour and meringue to create the perfect ‘feet’, you’ll never see Macarons the same way anymore. If you’re not a fan of these sweet delicacies, perhaps you just haven’t tried the legit macarons yet. From the more acclaimed Bonheur Patisserie to discreet home bakers, here’s our list of the 7 best macarons in Singapore to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

1. Bonheur Patisserie

bonheur patisserie review, bonheur patisserie macarons flavours
Source: Bonheur Patisserie

Taking on an innovative flavour profile, Bonheur Patisserie features seasonal macaron boxes with various themes like HUAT box, TEArrific, Westies, M18 and many other interesting flavours. These macarons ain’t bite-sized. They’re relatively bigger than those sold at other places, which means it’s worth the buck. Also, you’ll never run out of flavours to try as they constantly whip up new recipes. For parties and events, they also specialise in cartoon characters and themed designs.

2. Annabella Patisserie

Annabella patisserie macarons
Source: Annabella Patisserie

Being a macaron lover herself, founding owner/chef Annabella Sonwelly spent over a decade on her culinary journey to create top-quality macarons. And today, her brand has become one of the largest wholesale suppliers of macarons to hotels and produces 50,000 pieces monthly. Their macarons are known for their delicate Japanese light cream with a delicious taste. Shop from their 3 different series – Classic, Premium and Marvellous, with unique flavours like Butterbeer and Ribena.

3. TWG

twg tea macarons
Source: TWG Tea

Specially handcrafted with TWG’s signature tea blends, the macarons and ganache fillings are concocted with exceptional ingredients and tea leaves from this homegrown local brand that needs no introduction. These tea-infused delicacies are perfect for an afternoon high tea with a cuppa hot tea. Some enticing flavours include Grand Wedding Tea, Silver Moon Tea & Strawberry as well as Lemon Bush Tea.

4. The Crash Baker

the crash baker instagram home baker, cereal theme fat macarons

Fancy extra cream and goodness on your desserts? These super thicc Korean-style macarons from The Crash Baker, also known as ‘Fatfatcarons’, will tickle your fancy as the macaron shells are stuffed with an extra thick layer of cream and fillings for an extra indulgence. Their signature Cereal macarons include Fruity Pebbles, Coco Pops, Waffle Crisps and Jolly Pong. All were surprisingly not cloying at all, with a light and palatable finish.

5. Sinful Cakes

sinful cakes macarons
Source: Sinful Cakes

Started out as a small home-based business, Sinful Cakes, a Halal & Muslim owned Patisserie, has since evolved into their own store in Kensington Square. Just like their boldly designed logo, their macarons also boast a range of vibrant and colourful tones with a variety of unique flavours. Grab your boxes quick on Shopee as they can be sold out as quickly as 30 seconds to a minute!

6. Macarons.sg

macarons.sg macarons in Singapore
Source: Macarons.sg

Macarons.sg is a halal-certified bakery that provides Macarons catering services for parties and events. The flavours are inspired by unique Asian flairs to cater to local taste buds. For adventurous taste testers, try out their Macarons Sampler Box Set and enjoy all 28 different tantalising flavours including exotic choices such as Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and Chilli Chocolate. If birthday cakes are too mainstream for you, surprise your loved ones with a giant macaron cake with alphabet macarons add-on for a touch of personalisation!

7. Jaded Macarons

jaded macarons signature series macarons - local flavours such as kaya butter toast, Liu she bas, kopi
Source: Jaded Macarons

Enjoy their signature series with a local twist, the perfect marriage of East meets West – Kaya Butter Toast, Liu Sha Bao, Kopi Gao, White Rabbit Candy and Ang Ku Kueh! Who would have known that these traditional local desserts can be transformed into exquisite Parisian-style treats? The striking colours of each unique piece with nostalgic flavours make these macarons a true blue Singaporean delight.

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