Step into a world where reality intertwines with the realms of imagination, where artistry transcends its traditional boundaries and envelopes you in an experience like no other.

Located in One Nimman, a district in Chiang Mai renowned for its hipster cafes and retail, Art Mai Gallery Hotel beckons guests to immerse themselves within the very heart of art forms such as surrealism, impressionism, and abstract.

It’s not as simple as hanging paintings on the wall though. Each room is an evocative canvas, a living gallery where the boundaries between life and art are artfully blurred. For instance, the Nude Art floor, is helmed by Sakwut Wisesmanee, one of the leading contemporary portraitists in Thailand. His Nude Art Signature Room exudes an Agatha Christie, Knives Out vintage ambiance. Rich, dark woody tones meld with golden frames, and a leather couch that invites you to unwind in timeless luxury. It’s the kind of room that tempts you to smoke a cigar in (please don’t, it’s a non-smoking room), with a glass whiskey. As you explore the space, Wisesmanee’s personal touches, such as vintage canvases and Ralph Lauren lamps, whisper stories of the past, evoking an air of refined elegance. More importantly, the room is graced by his breathtaking paintings, valued at seven-digit figures.

On the third floor, the Signature Room by Jitsing Sombong, known for his use of complex styles and tailoring, is presented as a pristine sanctuary entirely adorned in ethereal white. The room offers a serene retreat from the world’s complexities. However, although the optical illusions — the bedrock of optical art — are subtle, the room radiates an Instagram-worthy allure, reminiscent of European white pillars that echo the grandeur of ancient Greek temples.

Venture upwards and you’ll find the “Sunday Room” by Pomme Chanchamrassang on the Surrealism floor. Here, a delicate fusion of simplicity and surreal design takes form, tantalising your senses and piquing your curiosity. Greet the morning with a sense of wonder as you wake up to the breathtaking city view, cradling a cup of freshly brewed coffee in one hand and a captivating book in the other.

More awaits on the upper levels, with a speakeasy bar on the eighth floor. It is so well hidden that you might miss it even if you’re aware of its existence. But it’s just the door that is right in front of the lift. If the surrealism art in the bar doesn’t speak out to you, take your cocktail up to the rooftop pool instead. You get a gorgeous view of the city skyline, and as one of the tallest buildings in the district, it means that you get to see the sunset at its full glory.

Venture further to the upper levels, where an enigmatic speakeasy bar awaits on the eighth floor. It is so artfully concealed that even the aware might inadvertently overlook it. However, the entrance simply lies before you as you step out of the lift, a well-disguised portal to a realm of surrealism-inspired ambiance within. Yet, if the artistic allure of the bar doesn’t resonate with your soul, fret not, for another captivating experience awaits. Ascend to the rooftop pool, where the city’s mesmerising skyline unfolds before your eyes in all its grandeur. As one of the district’s tallest buildings, you’ll be treated to an uninterrupted view of the setting sun in all its glory.

Art Mai Gallery Hotel is more than just a place to rest your head; it’s an artistic odyssey that will stir your soul and leave an indelible mark on your heart.

Art Mai Gallery Hotel

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