Log cakes may be a cliche but you have to admit it’s essential to a joyous Christmas.

Just in time for the upcoming festive month, Baker’s Brew has launched their Christmas menu, including none other than a yule log cake, as well as festive Christmas cookies.

Baker’s Brew is well known for their customised cakes and artisanal pastries for every celebratory occasion. Initially started off as a humble baking studio, this popular bakery has now expanded to several outlets and even baking workshops.

Ferrero Rocher-inspired log cake

As this delightful treat is a remake of the classic Ferrero Rocher in the form of a cake, this will surely entice chocolate lovers — especially those who love nutty flavours.

The Hazelnut Rocher Yule Log Cake ($48.8) was generously filled with hazelnut mousse and coated with milk chocolate and almonds for an extra crunch. The cake sponge was extremely moist too.

You can get about eight 1.5cm slices.

Cookies for Santa

Perfect for gifting during Christmas, the Signature Deluxe Christmas Cookies Set ($62.8) won’t disappoint with its quality taste and vibrant festive packaging. The set includes five different cookie flavours: Salted Duo Chocolate, Lemon Ceylon, Chocolate Blackout, Feuilletine Butter, and Maple Pecan.

The Lemon Ceylon cookies were slightly tart with a bittersweet edge from the brewed Ceylon tea. It was a unique combination, and something we didn’t expect to like so much. Meanwhile, the Maple Pecan cookies flexed a sweet buttery maple, with a nutty tone in the backdrop.

While those two were enjoyable, our favourite was Chocolate Blackout, which had a rich dark cocoa flavour that melts in your mouth. If you enjoyed Baker’s Brew Chocolate Blackout Brownie, you’ll probably enjoy this as much.

You can also get the cookies a la carte for $15.8 each, or the Petite Gift Set ($39.8) which comes in a box of three.

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Baker’s Brew Christmas Collection

*This article is written in partnership with Baker’s Brew, but all opinions are my own

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