Bean-to-bar chocolates have seen a surge of demand over the years, especially since the launch of Netflix’s latest series- School of Chocolate. But what exactly are bean-to-bar chocolates? Chocolatiers are in control of the origination, from the raw cacao bean to the finished chocolate bar. The beauty of gourmet chocolates is the cultivation of chocolates into their unique personalities from scratch. You are in for a real treat as here are six best artisanal chocolates in Singapore.

1. Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie

Mr Bucket Chocolaterie Bon Bon
Source: Mr Bucket Chocolaterie

Customise and build your unique box of Chocolate bons bons for the perfect gift. Beneath the beautifully crafted chocolate shell lies unique flavours waiting to be exploded in your mouth. Combine interesting and uncommon flavours such as Mala Mild Spicy, Calamansi Surprise to make a lasting impression on the recipient, or stick with classic favourites like Matcha and Sea Salt Caramel. For self-indulgence, you can also opt for their Chocolate bars.

2. Fossa Chocolate

Fossa Chocolates artisanal chocolate bars in Singapore
Source: Fossa Chocolate

Having won International Chocolate Awards for 3 consecutive years, Fossa Chocolate is the place to go if you’re sourcing for local luxury handmade chocolate goods. There is something about their simplistic elegant packaging with letterpress finish that makes it so alluring. Some unique flavour pairings that you probably never expect to see in chocolates, include Honey Orchid Dancong Hongcha Tea Chocolate and White Sesame & Seaweed Blond Chocolate.

3. Lemuel Chocolate

Chocolate Cigar, Father's Day Present from Lemuel Chocolate
Source: Lemuel Chocolate

With an emphasis on quality, Lemuel Chocolate is a homegrown luxury chocolate brand in Singapore which crafts handmade chocolates from carefully selected beans to bring out the full flavour and unique character of each batch. Aside from their signature bons bons and single origin bars, they also offer chocolate-flavoured pastries like Basque Cheesecake and Mini Tarts. Their Father’s Day collection Chocolate Cigars is also an interesting take to their usual cocoa products.

4. Hello Chocolate

Hello Chocolate artisanal chocolates in Singapore
Source: Hello Chocolate

Hello Chocolate aims to provide diversified high-quality chocolates that suit various culture, age, and experience with sustainability, and they carry some of the best craft Bean-to-Bar Chocolate from around the world. Their products showcase the true craftsmanship of chocolatiers with their smooth and decadent texture. On top of that, you will likely be attracted to their colourful souvenir-like packaging, making it perfect for gifts and special occasions too.


Anjali Chocolate artisanal chocolates

Their chocolates are prepared fresh daily, and curated with premium ingredients for the finest taste – Belgian Couverture, fresh cream, butter, whole spices and fruit puree. Aside from a huge array of luxury chocolate gifts, patriotic individuals can enjoy bold and creative flavours inspired by Singapore, such as Teh Tarik, and Singapore Sling. Workshops are also available for passionate chocolate lovers to learn the art of making chocolates from scratch.

6. Beans to Bars

Bean to Bars artisanal chocolate in Singapore
Source: Beans to Bars

Beans to Bars is a local distributor of luxury artisanal chocolates sourced from overseas, to cater to the rising appreciation for single-origin bars. Not many can resist the rich taste and indulgent texture that melts in your mouth. Some interesting chocolate crossovers include 59% Dark Chocolate with Chilli and 80% Organic Dark Chocolate with Honeycomb. Quickest fingers only, as their products are always sold out online due to limited production and exclusivity.

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