Food catering in Singapore that actually tastes good? We’ve got six food caterers to recommend, including finger food catering, halal dishes, and more.

Food catering might not have the best reputation when it comes to quality. After all, it is hard to maintain the quality of food when you cook them in bulk. However, that is an outdated thinking. Food catering businesses have taken their jobs a lot more seriously now. Not only do they offer a range of options, including halal catering, buffet catering, Indian food, and more, many ensure that the food is actually made to impress. For a more casual event, you can also simply opt for finger food catering; we’ve curated some of the best ones in Singapore.

Best food catering in Singapore for your next event

1. — the largest platform, including halal food catering, finger food, buffet caterings for 20 pax, and more
2. Chilli Manis — Peranakan food catering
3. Stamford Catering — premium buffet catering
4. InterContinental Singapore — provides the perfect venue for grand events
5. Marriott Bonvoy — Seamless food catering bookings
6. The Plattering Co. — known for their finger food catering and cheese platters


Online food catering services for delivery in Singapore offering tingkat meals, Chinese food, sushi, roti, party platters and more

Picture this: you have a large social event coming up and you’re looking for the best buffet catering online for 20 pax. You have multiple tabs open to compare the different menus of different caterers. But what if there’s a less tedious way to do that? is a one-stop food catering and cake portal with over 400 merchants to choose from. Out of which, 193 provides buffet catering, with over 1,400 menus to choose from.

As such, offers an extensive selection of food, ensuring there’s something for everyone. There’s local food, Chinese cuisine, finger food, and Indian food catering — one of the increasingly popular options in Singapore recently. Furthermore, you can also filter for halal and vegetarian food catering.

Despite the variety, their portal is easy to navigate around, with multiple filters to direct you to the buffet catering style you desire. For starters, you can key in your budget, and arrange the caterers by the lowest price first, which starts from $1.5 per pax. You can also choose by cuisines, number of pax and number of dishes.

2. Chilli Manis

Tingkat delivery services in Singapore for home-cooked catering food
Photo: Chilli Manis

Chilli Manis, translating to “Sweet Chilli” in Bahasa Indonesian, isn’t just your average food catering in Singapore.

It’s a culinary journey that unveils the richness of Peranakan cuisine. Helmed by the seasoned Madam Serene Hoh, boasting over 36 years of experience in the food industry, Chilli Manis takes traditional Asian recipes and elevates them to an art form. Her Peranakan fare combines signature flavours across different Asian cuisines, turning simple meals into an unforgettable gastronomic affair.

Chilli Manis boasts an impressive track record with nearly 2000 satisfied corporate clients, offering an extensive array of choices from Peranakan buffet spreads and mini buffets to high tea buffets, bento catering, seminar packages, live stations, and more, all astonishingly affordable with options starting at just $19 per person. Its food catering menu includes their signature Kampong Dry Laksa, Steamed Assam Sambal Fish, and assorted Nyonya Kueh. In each dish, Chilli Manis presents a harmonious blend of Chinese, Malay, and Indonesian flavours that has been meticulously crafted and perfected over the years. 

Chilli Manis

3. Stamford Catering

Premium buffet catering in Singapore
The Premium Buffet. Photo: Stamford Catering

Bid farewell to misconceptions about food catering services lacking quality or fine ingredients, as Stamford Catering shatters these myths with their exquisite offering — The Premium Buffet.

With prices starting from just $32 per person, indulge in a feast that rivals top-notch restaurants. The buffet catering menu includes 48-Hour Consommé with Chicken Strips, Poached Scallop with Marinated Vermicelli in Garlic Soy Sauce, and the luxurious Mao Shan Wang Bread & Butter Pudding with MSW Cream. The opulent spread continues with culinary gems like Braised Beef Cheek with Bouquet Garni Garnish, Oven Baked Atlantic Cod Marinated with Sweet Miso and White Truffle Infused Mashed Peas, Indonesian Style Whole Pangang Squid Stuffed with Spicy Fish Paste, and a luscious Spanish Seafood Paella Rice.

It’s noteworthy that these tantalising offerings are reminiscent of esteemed global dining establishments. Adding a touch of culinary prestige, Executive Chef Eddie, renowned for his expertise from stints at Les Amis and Asian Market Café at The Fairmont, ensures a dining experience that’s nothing short of exceptional.

Stamford Catering

4. InterContinental Singapore

InterContinental hotel buffet food catering services and finger food catering in Singapore
Photo: InterContinental Singapore

Whether your event is a grand corporate gathering or an intimate social soirée, InterContinental Singapore’s dedicated team is your partner in crafting a catering experience that mirrors your vision.

Picture this: a carefully tailored catering proposal that aligns seamlessly with your event needs. In terms of food, InterContinental Singapore shines with its array of gourmet cuisines. From the rich flavours of Italian delicacies to the sophistication of Chinese fare, your guests’ palates are in for an unforgettable journey. Of course, the hotel can also prepare finger food catering such as sandwiches and mousses if you’d like a lighter meal.

But that’s not where the magic ends. What truly sets InterContinental apart is its ability to transform spaces beyond its own walls. Imagine hosting your event amidst the lush beauty of Gardens by the Bay, the historical allure of the National Museum of Singapore, or the intimate ambience of the Wine Vault. InterContinental Singapore extends its canvas to these iconic locales, ensuring your event becomes an immersive experience.

InterContinental Singapore

5. Marriot Bonvoy

Marriott Bonvoy's food catering services in Singapore, offering finger food like croissants and muffins
Photo: Marriot Bonvoy

When it comes to seamless food catering bookings, Marriott Bonvoy stands out as the ideal choice. The process is simple: begin by submitting a brief form detailing event specifics such as location, date, guest count, and event type. In return, you’ll receive an Event eMenu, allowing you to easily decide which dishes to keep or remove.

Be reassured that the food catering event you envisioned will be brought to life. Marriott Bonvoy has a competent team of 3,000 executive chefs, skilled culinarians, and innovative mixologists, bringing a wealth of expertise to the table. Discover a diverse array of culinary delights, from farm-to-table seasonal harvests sourced from local producers to inventive chef-crafted dishes. Whether you’re seeking finger foods like muffins and croissants, customisable plates, comfort classics, or artisanal treats, the options are as diverse as they are delectable. Marriott Bonvoy’s dedication extends to crafted beverages, featuring flavour-balanced cocktails, homemade infusions, and limited-batch creations.

Marriot Bonvoy

6. The Plattering Co

Cheese platters delivery and finger food catering services from The Plattering Co.
Grazing Table. Photo: The Plattering Co

For classy finger food catering, opt for The Plattering Co.

Fans of their cheese platter can order the Grazing Table ($860 for 20 pax), which includes four artisanal cheeses, 2-3 deli cuts (non-pork options are available), dips and crackers, fresh and dried fruits, and more.

A similar option that is slightly more affordable is the Canapé & Light Bites Catering ($640 for 20 pax), serving handcrafted canapé and finger food. Unlike the Grazing Table, which offers a wider variety of ingredients and allows guests to customise their own bites, this option allows the host to select four types of canapés, such as Yuzu Infused Grilled Unagi on Toasted Butter Brioche, Scallop with Mango Salsa, Petite Cheesecake, and Smoked Duck Ciabatta.

For a heavier meal, The Plattering Co’s Signature Lunch & Dinner Meat Platter ($760 for 20 pax) will do the trick.

A 7-day lead time is required for the staff to prepare your finger food catering.

The Plattering Co.

Not what you’re looking for? Here are some food catering in Singapore we’ve reviewed in the past:

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