View from 100th floor of Busan X The Sky observatory

What’s the best way to appreciate Busan? Viewing it from 384m from ground level, of course.

Located on the 98-100th floors of Haeundae L City Landmark Tower, Busan X The Sky provides an unparalleled view of the coastal city. It is the second tallest building in South Korea, and here are the attractions visitors can expect.

Visitors will start their journey on an elevator ride. Point-of-view clips of you soaring in the sky were projected onto the walls, making the minute-long ride slightly more entertaining. The video they screen when you go up and down the building are different so remember to pay attention when you’re leaving the attraction!

The 100th floor provides a view of notable parts of the city, and most of Haeundae Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Busan. Additionally, artworks by local artists filled the walls for a change of view.

Visitors can also make a wish at the Sky Wish Airport. For ₩2,000, you can purchase a sheet of coloured paper which you can write your wish on, fold it into an airplane, and throw it in to a big net.

On the way down to the rest of the attraction, you’ll have to walk past the Shocking Bridge. Visitors with a fear of height is recommended to look anywhere but down, as the clear glass floor provides a shocking view all the way from the 100th floor to the ground.

Through the souvenir shop on the 98th floor is where Sky Letter is located, where visitors can write a letter on one of the tablets and then send it to the big screen in front of you for a commemorative photo.

Just sit back and relax

What sets this apart from other observatories we have been to in other countries was the added level of comfort there. In other observatories, it felt more like a snap-and-go tourist attraction. Meanwhile, Busan X The Sky has many seats scattered across the three floors.

Visitors can savour on pasta and grilled meat at X The Lounge, while looking across the horizons. The Starbucks is also regarded as the world’s highest Starbucks, located on the 99th floor of the attraction. There are also public resting areas where you van just lean back and admire the view.

We recommend checking the weather beforehand. It had just finished raining during our visit so there were raindrops on the windows and the mist obscured the view partially.

The tickets cost ₩27,000 for adults and ₩24,000 for children & senior citizens. Free admission for children ages two and under.

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Location: South Korea, Busan, Haeundae-gu, Dalmaji-gil, 30 98~100 floor
부산 해운대구 달맞이길 30
Opening hours: 10am-9pm

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