When you’re planning your Bangkok Itinerary, most travel publications and blogs will recommend Chatuchak Market. Better known as Chatuchak Weekend Market, this large-scale market holds up to 15,000 stalls.

If you haven’t had the chance to visit Bangkok in the past few years, the world’s first Chatuchak Night Market outside Thailand will be coming to Singapore from 7 February to 2 April 2023.

The market boasts over 180 vendors showcasing the best of Thailand’s culture. Comprising street food, handicrafts and antiques, the curated mix of vendors are part of Thailand’s OTOP, which stands for One Tambon One Product. The OTOP program supports unique local brands from sub-districts in Thailand. Not only does this imbue a sense of locality and genuinety to the market, the handpicked stores also boast a minimum of 3/5 stars in terms of food quality.

“We brought the famous open-air night market back as we aim to replicate the atmosphere of Thai-style night markets and let visitors savour a wider variety of Thai food beyond tom yum soup and pad thai.” 

Keith Tay, Event Organiser of Chatuchak Singapore

What to expect at Singapore’s Chatuchak

Here are some of street food to look forward to, starting with the famous Cha Chak.

Better known as Thai Milk Tea, the vendor in Singapore’s Chatuchak Night Market includes a tea-pulling performance. Tea-pulling isn’t just for show, as the aeration of the tea improves the overall flavour of the Thai milk tea, and adds a thick layer of foam on top of the drink.

Aside from the classic milk tea, they also offer Thai Green Milk Tea, Coffee and Cocoa. All the drinks are $4.

Also from the Satun Province, the Thai Roti Prata is another dish to try. Don’t confuse this with a regular roti prata. The dough used in this recipe is slightly thinner, and more yellow, due to the addition of eggs, resulting in a lighter and chewier texture. As every prata is freshly prepared, it ensures that they are warm and soft when served.

We recommend the Banana Roti ($5), cooked till golden brown, and drizzled with a generous portion of condensed milk.

Another staple in Thailand’s food scene is Thai Prawn Vermicelli, served served with fresh river prawns that are slow-baked together with silky smooth vermicelli. While bland-looking, this dish is prepared with a slice of fat at the bottom of the steel pot while cooking, and served with a tangy green chilli sauce that will get you drooling.

This dish is accompanied with tangy green chilli sauce that will get mouths

A lightly less known Thai dish is the E-Sarn Sausage. Also known as Sai-Krop E-Sarn in Thai, this sausage is native to E-Sarn, located in north-eastern Thailand.

The sausages are made with fermented meat, rice, and sometimes vermicelli noodles, and is packed with flavours. You can either get it plain grilled, or get the sour-tasting variation from the vendor. 

Last but not least, savour on one of the most authentic Mee Korat stall. The vendor, who is situated in Korat, Thailand, will be manning their store in Singapore.

Mee Korat offers a bold and delectable flavour from the lethal combination of thin rice noodle fried with bean sprouts and shrimp. The noodle dish is then served on a thin layer of omelette dressed with fresh lime on the side.

For those who want to up the ante for their socials, you can even rent traditional Thailand chut thai (Thai outfit) to complete your experience while you enjoy and soak in the atmosphere of the night market.

Chatuchak Night Market

Location: The Grandstand, South Carpark, 200 Turf Club Rd, Singapore 287994
Date: 7 February-2 April 2023
Opening hours:
4-10pm (Tue-Sun)

*Photos: Chatuchak Singapore

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