When they say log cakes are mandatory for Christmas, but you want to be unconventional this year.

From donuts to eclairs, here are five Christmas desserts and sweet treats that aren’t your usual traditional log cakes, but are still perfectly Instagrammable and festive-appropriate.

1. Christmas eclairs – L’eclair Patisserie

XMAS Box of 8. Photo: L’eclair Patisserie

L’eclair Patisserie is well known for their delectable eclair treats that has all the check boxes ticked – crisp pastry, velvety smooth fillings and a glossy sweet glaze.

Starting from $51, the Christmas-themed eclairs are designed in eye-popping colours with interesting flavours like Nougat, Peppermint White Chocolate and Pomegranate Cheesecake, which will keep you coming back for more. The eclairs can be purchased in a box of 6 or 8.

2. Hand painted Christmas ball – Conrad Centennial Singapore

Photo: Conrad Centennial

This divine piece of edible ornament looks like it was taken off a Christmas tree. Part of Conrad’s Christmas Goodies, the Hand Painted Christmas Ball ($59) can be cracked open like a piñata for a festive surprise. Just make sure you don’t try to hang it on the tree!

For other quirky treats, consider the whimsical Santa Sleigh ($53), which is filled with cookies and pralines to satisfy your sweet desires.

Conrad Centennial

3. Santa Pom Pom Celebration Cake – Janice Wong

Photo: Janice Wong

Janice Wong is famous for their artisanal chocolate bonbons, and they have launched something even cuter and more interesting this year.

The Santa Pom Pom Celebration Cake ($88) is made of beetroot sponge, cherry compote, cherry curd, vanilla Chantilly mousse, and cherry champagne mousse. The exterior looks exactly like a festive knitted woolen hat that you’ll wear in a winter festival.

4. Christmas Donuts – BreadTalk

Photo: BreadTalk

Celebrate the holiday season with these adorable and affordable Christmas donuts to go with your celebratory feast.

Interesting flavors include Custard Gingerman and Jolly Mint. The donuts can be purchased for $10 for 6 pieces.

If you’re feeling artsy, get your hands on their do-it-yourself kits and design your own Christmas tree, gingerbread cookies or gingerbread house or a rocking horse.

5. Advent Calendar – Cadbury ($4.9)

Photo: Cadbury

A chocolate a day, Santa will be on his way.

These budget-friendly Cadbury chocolates sold in major supermarkets are perfect for a kids holiday party. Each pocket contains a bite-sized milk chocolate, letting you countdown to Christmas, one sweet treat a day. We can’t guarantee that you can resist the temptation to not take an extra piece each day though.

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