Wagyu Chuck Eye Roll for hotpot

Quality choices at an affordable price, City Hot Pot is no doubt one of the most worth-it hot pot places in Singapore. Side note, it’s a one pot per person concept so you don’t have to worry about one another’s dietary preference!

From 1-4 persons, their extensive set meals can satisfy everyone’s palate easily.

Their 1 person set meal includes one portion of meat of your option (price is directly proportionate to quality, of course), one broth, one vegetable platter and one staple.

Australian Wagyu Beef

The most affordable 1 person set meal is the Signature Wagyu Beef Set (S$24.99). However, even though it’s wagyu and the marbling looked pretty solid, it didn’t meet our expectations.

Wagyu Chuck Eye Roll for hotpot

I recommend topping up S$2 for their Wagyu Chuck Eye Roll Set, which has a way stronger beefy flavor and a more melt-in-your-mouth texture despite having less streaks of fat across the meat.

S$1 Braised Pork Rice at City Hot Pot

Staples include a variety of noodles and a special Taiwanese inspired concept- the braised pork rice. It’s an additional S$1 top up but hey, if you’re willing to spend $1 on a measly bubble tea top up, then this is definitely worth the extra cost!

Lobster and Meat Set

If you’re seafood lover, specifically lobster, then you have to order their Set D for 2 Pax (S$134.99)! It’s meant for 2 people but hey, what’s stopping you from indulging alone?

The set includes any choice of beef, pork, chicken and lamb, in addition to 1 lobster and an assortment of seafood such as scallops and sliced fish. At that price, the lobster was really good; the texture and taste was definitely there. Just a little tip, throwing your lobster in your broth at the start of the meal to transcend your soup base into a rich and sweet seafood broth.

For this, we recommend the fish soup and lobster combo!

City Hot Pot broths

Now it’s time for the broth choices. There are 14 types of broths, including the classic Chicken Soup and Fish Soup. City Hot Pot’s diversity also includes many Asian flavors such as the local favorites Bak Kut Teh and Laksa, Hong Kong’s Tomato Soup and Korea’s Kimchi Soup

Top up S$1 for a double soup base, which is highly recommend.

We didn’t manage to try all 14 soups. But we do recommend their Tomato Soup which leans towards the sweeter side. Their mala is also not bad if you prefer a more numbing sensation to fiery spice!

For more steamboat options for takeaway, check out our listicle on the 7 Best Hotpot For Delivery in Singapore.

Location: One Raffles Place, #04-26/27/28, Singapore 048616
Tel: +65 6536 2185
Opening hours: 11:30am- 3pm, 5pm- 10pm

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