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“Drop that skincare routine!” you smashed the keyboards as you came across a TikToker with the smoothest skin. However, just because their cosmetics work for them, it doesn’t mean they’ll do the same for you. For starters, everyone’s skin type is different, and there are different skincare products that target different issues.

What problems are your skin facing? Is your skin acne-prone, sensitive, dry, too oily…?

Clarins has just launched their virtual consultation to provide personalised beauty advice — what type of cosmetics is appropriate for your skin type.


My beauty coach, Sharon Yan, started the session by asking me what was troubling me, and the details of my skincare routine. This provided her a better understanding of my skin condition to recommend effective cosmetics.

I told her that my biggest issue was how sensitive the areas around my nose were. They turn red immediately after I wash my face, and whenever the weather gets too hot. My second issue was big pores.

Instantly, she recommended the first product. The SOS Pure Face Mask ($70) contains Alpine Willowherb — a powerful antioxidant that soothes the skin. Not only does it reduce inflammation and calms the skin, which is perfect for the sensitive areas around my nose, but it also brings out a healthy sheen. Suitable for mixed to oily skin, the mask absorbs excess sebum without drying out the skin, leaving your face mattified and refreshed.

Recommended products pop-up at the corner of the screen, directing users to the official website for more information

An effective product that reduces pore size is the Pore Control Serum ($95). Its key ingredient is Strawberry Tree fruit extracts, which tightens and purifies enlarged pores. To complement these effects, the serum also contains Tamarind pulp acid. It naturally exfoliates the skin to unclog the pores, while the Vine Flower cells tightens them.

For moisturisers, she recommended the My Clarins RE-BOOST Matifying Hydrating Cream ($45) for its versatility. It’s suitable for mixed to oily skin, boosting hydration while retaining a radiant, but matte look.

The consultations are available from 9:30am to 6pm on weekdays. Reservations can be made via their official website. Aside from “Your Personalised Experience”, which is the general consultation I experienced, there are also services that targets eyes, anti-ageing products, and more.

*This article is written in collaboration with Clarins, but all opinions are of my own

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