The Year of the Ox might be the perfect excuse for you to meet up with your loved ones you haven’t met in the past year. But sorry to my friends and families, the only thing I’m looking forward to is the Chinese New Year snacks in Singapore. And I’m glad I get to start my weight gain journey early with CNY Cookies’ array of Chinese New Year Snacks.

Disclaimer: we are not responsible for your waistline.

Chinese New Year Goodies

Forget Valentine’s Day love letters. CNY Cookie’s Love Letters (S$18.9) are the only letters I need in February. With an airy, crispy bite, and a mellow hint of coconut, this Chinese New Year snack is one that requires the strongest willpower to not devour in one sitting. For the health-conscious individuals, it’s made with less sugar, which is evident in the lighter flavor.

CNY Cookies’ Honey Almond Pumpkin Seeds Thin Crisp bears a perfect harmony of the nutty pumpkin seeds and luscious honey. On the other hand, the Honey Almond Thin Crisp was a touch sweeter. It might even get slightly cloying the more you eat. Not sure if it was because they added more honey or it was due to the lack of a counterbalance.

An unorthodox Chinese New Year snack, the Almond Biscotti (S$15.9) was also one of my favorites and frankly something that I would eat any day. Nothing much to comment on, as these were just your regular standard biscottis.

Chinese New Year Cookies

The iconic Pineapple Tarts (S$15.9) were not very buttery, but not in a bad way. It’s still aromatic but it just doesn’t have that heavy-butter decadence to it. Furthermore, the pineapple filling was not too sweet either. This might not be for some audience, but it’s definitely something that I can pop into my mouth one after another with its lighter flavors.

The texture of the Almond Cookies ($18.9) was textbook- crumbly without it getting stuck to your upper palate. Meanwhile, the Cashew Nut Cookie (S$18.9) stole my heart with its buttery, aromatic profile, with a hint of salt to balance the decadence.

Chinese New Year Snacks

Last on the list was the Honeycomb Cookies White Sesame (S$18.9) that had a surprisingly deep, roasted honey note.

Lastly, for the snacks, we got the Seaweed Cuttlefish Roll (S$17.9) which was a savory, spicy alternative to all that other sugary treats. I like how the flavors were rather mild compared to other MSG-packed snacks I’ve had in the past. Furthermore, the spice level was pretty low.


For the skeptics, CNY Cookies do offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, but I can also safely assure you that there won’t be a need for that as some of these are the best CNY snacks I’ve had in a while.

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*This article is written in collaboration with CNY Cookies

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