Captain Mickey and Minnie on Disney Cruise Line Singapore

Disney fan or not, I’m sure many Singaporeans have been craning their necks for the latest updates on the upcoming Disney Cruise in 2025.

This exciting new venture marks Disney’s debut in Southeast Asia, as the Disney Cruise Line sets sail from Singapore in 2025.

Disney Cruise Singapore prices

Unfortunately, along with the cruise’s itinerary, Disney has not announced how much the Singapore’s Disney Cruise Line would cost per person. But, we do have an idea on what the cruise is going to look like.

Just a regular cruise or…

Join Captain Mickey and Minnie aboard the newly transformed ship, Disney Adventure, formerly known as the Global Dream. The ship will accommodate 6,000 passengers and 2,300 crew members.

Skeptics might wonder if this is just a marketing gimmick. Is it just a cruise ship with Disney decors, or a mini Disneyland on the ocean.

Finding Nemo Disney Performances on Disney Cruise Line Singapore 2025
Live shows. Photo: Disney Cruise Line

Turns out, Disney Cruise Line has prepared a plethora of enchanting activities, from Broadway-style shows and fireworks at sea to intimate character meet-and-greets with beloved Disney, Pixar, and Marvel stars. 

Teen Lounge in SG Disney Cruise Ship
Teen Lounge. Photo: Disney Cruise Line

In addition to group activities for, the cruise ship has also prepared dedicated spaces for various age groups — kids, teens, and adults — to ensure that everyone finds their own slice of Disney magic.

Kids can enjoy the fun in Kids’ Clubs, while teens have their own Teen Lounge to hang out at.

Meanwhile, adults can retreat to luxurious spots, where they can indulge in cocktail tastings, spa, themed lounges, bars, and live entertainment onboard.

Dining prices at Disney Cruise Line Singapore
Photo: Disney Cruise Line

Plus, dining will be an adventure in itself with rotational dining experiences across various themed restaurants.

Meanwhile, everyone can cool off in Disney-themed pools and waterparks featuring epic rides, waterslides, lazy rivers, and shallow swim zones.

First look of the fleet’s room

The Little Mermaid Cruise rooms on Disney Cruise Ship Singapore
The Little Mermaid-themed room. Photo: Disney Cruise Line

Step into enchanting Disney-themed bedrooms aboard Disney cruises, where every detail brings beloved childhood stories to life.

Having fun at the SG Disney Cruise
Photo: Disney Cruise Line

This collaboration between Disney Cruise Line and the Singapore Tourism Board is set to be a  ive-year partnership, which promises to transform Singapore into a new hub of Disney enchantment, attracting millions of tourists from around the world. 

More details on itineraries and pricing will be available soon. So start saving now for your magical Disney holiday!

Disney Cruise Singapore

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