Looking for hotel buffets to feast on to celebrate the year end festive season?

Inspired by Singapore’s tropical foliage and nestled in a long-standing hotel within the neighborhood of Marine Parade — Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy, Feast Roxy offers an all-you-can-eat buffet menu full of culinary favourites.

The restaurant has also recently undergone renovations to provide a more spacious and cosy setting for a better dining experience.

Dishes available at Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy hotel buffet

At Feast Roxy, you can relish local flavours, on top of an array of western and international cuisine.

One should not miss the Sausage and Meat platter — meaty delight and a vibrant feast for the eyes. The ribs are a must-try as it was juicy, tender and charred to perfection.

The golden and crispy Prawn Ball with Mayo was really appetising. The ratio of the crispy exterior to the de-shelled juicy prawns was just nice.

There was also a selection of maki and nigiri if you are missing Japan.

Local delicacies

The buffet also features live stations where chefs prepare food right in front of your eyes. I’ll never walk away from a hotel buffet without trying their Laksa.

But this time round, I was more impressed with their Oyster Mee Sua. A more refreshing and light version of the traditional ones in Taiwan, I found myself craving for another bowl after tasting it.

Other local delicacies include Lamb and Chicken Satay, and Assorted Kuehs at the dessert section. They also have a complete salad bar and Gado Gado, which is an Indonesian version of a mixed salad.


For the dessert options, Chocolate Mango Passion Fruit Cake was made perfectly. It was light, refreshing due to the tart tropical fruits, which balanced out the thin layer of chocolate crunch, which added texture.

If you prefer something more intense, I highly recommend the Rum and Raisin Cake. You could feel the kick of rum in every mouthful. Just a pity that I don’t really go for alcoholic flavoured cakes, but you should definitely give it a try.

For the durian lovers, indulge in the Signature Durian Power. The durian pengat was completely irresistible. Let’s just say that we lost count of the number of scoops we took. The creamy indulgent durian puree was excellent in every way — texture and flavour.

Location: 50 East Coast Road, Marine Parade Rd, Roxy Square, Singapore 428769

*This article is written in partnership with Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy, but all opinions are my own.

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