The Five Footway Festival returns to Chinatown from 9 to 17 March 2024, showcasing an immersive experience of exploring Singapore’s largest conservation district.

What to do in Chinatown this month?

Travel back into the 1900s with childhood games, street snacks, opera performances, movies, and tours along Smith Street, Pagoda Street, and Sago Street. This festival seamlessly blends history, entertainment, the clan dynamics, and traditional trades in Chinatown.

Let’s Go Tour – Tan Ah Huat in Chinatown Photo: Chinatown Singapore

Cultural programmes available

Take a historical tour of Chinatown by through their The Conserved Buildings in Chinatown programme. The predesignated walking track reveals the history and conservation efforts of the neighbourhood’s oldest buildings.

Alternatively, sign up for theatrical walking tour, Tan Ah Huat in Chinatown by Let’s Go Tour, or an interesting folktales session organised by Joss Stick Storytelling.

Head down Smith Street, where you can find cultural theatre acts, including Cantonese opera, Teochew opera, Peking opera, and the Hokkien puppet show.

Additionally, learn more about Chinese culture through workshops like Colourful Dialects, where you can learn idioms and slangs through colouring activity, and Introduction to Peking Opera, offering an immersive experience to music and movements.

Kirin Dance and Workshop. Photo: Chinatown Sinagpore

Culinary enthusiasts can discover Hakka cuisine in the Hakka Imperial Kitchen, learn Hainanese dishes at Auntie Helen’s Culinary Class, and try your hands with Cantonese Put Chai Ko.

Families can enjoy childhood games on Pagoda Street, including can and ring toss, hoop wheeling, chapteh, zero point, snakes and ladders, along with traditional Singaporean snacks.

Full details, including location, timing and ticket prices, of the workshops are available on Peatix.

Five Footway Festival

Date: 9-17 March 2024

Location: Chinatown, Singapore 059190
Opening hours: 10am-9pm

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