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Imagine being prepared to go for a weekly facial fix for the upcoming weekend, and bam! Facial spas are not allowed to operate due to COVID-19 restrictions. Or if you’re concerned with the rising infections in the community, having a DIY facial self-care session at home might just be the next best solution in maintaining your skin. Foreo UFO 2 provides the luxury of a supercharged 2-minute facial in the comforts of your own home, with promising benefits to hydrate, soothe and heal all at one go.

Complete Facial Treatment Within 2 Minutes

As hectic as our lives can get these days, a 20-minute mask routine might seem like a burden to some. Perfect for those who are constantly rushing every single minute of your life, The UFO 2 spares no minutes as it transforms a full mask treatment into a 90-second pampering treat with the use of Hyper-Infusion Technology while providing optimal results for your acne-free skincare journey.

Being a lazy bum who cannot be bothered to spare 30 minutes to do a 10-step skincare routine (but still wants good skin anyway), this mini device is definitely my skin’s lifesaver because it is so convenient and easy to use. With a waterproof function, it is also easy to be maintained and cleaned.

Thermo Therapy – Prepares your skin and boosts absorptions of skincare products

Cyro Therapy – Soothes and refreshes your skin with lifting and firming effects; reduces appearance of enlarged pores and puffiness

T-Sonic Pulsations – Improve blood microcirculation and renewal of skin

Full Spectrum LED Light Therapy – Purple, white, green, orange, blue, cyan, yellow and red light therapy for different skincare benefits

Foreo UFO Activated Masks

The UFO 2 device is compatible with UFO Power Activated Masks which have all the goodness encapsulated in a tiny piece of round sheet mask. Made in Korea, the masks are dermatologist-tested and formulated with the highest quality fruit and plant extracts without Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Silicones, Disodium EDTA,and Mineral Oil.

The Advanced Collection includes Glow Addict, H2 Overdose, Youth Junkie, Shimmer Freak, and Matte Maniac, which target different skin concerns. For Daily Duo, you get Make My Day and Call It A Night for a perfect day and night routine.

My current favourite is Glow Addict, which contains natural pearl extracts to brighten uneven skin tone. If you have an important event to attend, this treatment is perfect in boosting skin’s radiance and providing a healthy glow. The Matte Maniac is also a wonderful solution to my acne-prone skin as it helps to support the skin’s natural oil balance and is effective against blemishes and enlarged pores.

How To Use Foreo UFO 2?

To be honest, I was rather sceptical about how a 90-second session can do much to my skin, but you just have to try it for yourself to believe me. The steps are very simple:

  1. Remove the transparent ring from the device
  2. Open your desired box of mask and place the sheet mask on the gold plate
  3. Place the ring back in place to secure the mask
  4. Switch the device on manually or download the Foreo App to start a custom treatment
  5. Glide the device over your face in circular motions until the treatment is complete and device will be switched off
  6. Rinse it under warm soapy water and clean it thoroughly, then gently wipe it with a dry tissue/ cloth

By the 2 minute mark, the product has been fully absorbed into my skin. But remember to save the sachet aside, as there are still loads of remaining product in the packet which can be used for another round of facial.

Effective Results

The Cyro Therapy was absolutely soothing and refreshing on my skin as the device turned icy and possibly “froze” all my Maskne and acne away. I was so amazed by the freezing cold effect which calmed my skin straightaway. The LED light therapy was also quite effective in eradicating active pimples around my T zone area.

I have been using the device with different mask types about 2-3 times a week, and my skin has visibly gotten radiant and brighter, as well as having less active pimples on my face. It has been a rejuvenating experience considering that this is only a DIY home facial. I like how the mask is lightweight and absorbent, and does not leave a sticky residue. I even tried putting makeup after using it in the day, and the foundation could be applied smoothly without any weird patches too.

My Verdict

While the functions of a skincare device may not be as extensive compared to a professional facial extraction done in a spa, this amazing palm-sized device with its cutting edge technology still does wonders in curbing Maskne, Acne and other skin problems, making it a highly recommended investment in the long run. For those who are already committed to a 10-step facial routine daily, you can recreate a luxurious spa-like experience to top it all off.

It’s quite impressive how skincare has become so revolutionary with such amazing technology. Good skin with just 2 minutes of facial? It’s definitely becoming a reality with Foreo UFO 2.

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