Kagerou at Fukubushi Kagerou Cafe in Wakayama

When in Wakayama, one of the most sacred sites in Japan, you have to check out this charming seaside cafe. 

With a direct view of the port, Fukubushi Kagerou Cafe serves kagerou, which is a type of sweet Japanese cake with various creams in the middle.

Located in Nishimuro District in Wakayama, expect to spend about ¥200 to ¥1,000 per person at this cafe.

Our honest review of Fukubushi Kagerou Cafe

Kagerou at Wakayama Cafe (Set B)
Set B, containing 6 flavours of Kagerou

You have to get one of their kagerou when you’re at this Wakayama cafe. A kagerou is very similar to a ladyfinger pastry.

For context, Fukubushi is an award-winning confectionary, popular for their kagerou, before opening up a quaint waterfront cafe in the same prefecture.

Fukubushi Kagerou Cafe menu
Fukubushi Kagerou Cafe menu

Individual pieces start from ¥200, but if you’re here with your partner or as a group, we recommend getting a set of 6 pieces for ¥1,100. 

Set A consists of Plain, Caramel, Peach, Strawberry Cream, Coffee Jelly, and Cheese. 

Set B consists of Custard and Fresh Cream, Darjeeling, Pine, Salted Milk, Matcha Tiramisu, and Lemon.  

We ordered Set B. 

The cake was soft and light and the cream was fresh. Each flavour tasted like what it should be, but it wasn’t mind-blowingly good as they’re still skewed towards the sweeter end. For instance, the Darjeeling and Matcha Tiramisu lacked an astringency you would expect a tea-flavoured dessert to have. 

Personally, the Salted Cream was the best out of the six. 

Salted Cream Kagerou
Salted Cream Kagerou

For the price and ambience, it was a nice little sweet afternoon treat.

Skip the drinks!

Bad review of the drinks at Fukubushi Kagerou Cafe
Iced Hazelnut Latte (left) and Iced Matcha Latte (right)

Unless you’re a fan of saccharine, flat-tasting drinks, you’re better off avoiding the drinks at Fukubushi Kagerou Cafe. 

I ordered the Matcha Latte (¥650) with no sugar, but it still turned out to be one of the sweetest matcha latte I’ve had in Japan. Perhaps the matcha was not freshly-whisked, but premade into a syrup beforehand. Who knows? 

The Hazelnut Latte (¥650) fared better, but it was still decent at best.

Our verdict

So what’s our honest review of Fukubushi Kagerou Cafe?

The desserts were great for its price, but definitely skip the drinks.

Wakayama is a popular day trip destination from Osaka, roughly a 2-3 hours car ride from Kansai International Airport.

Fukubushi Kagerou Cafe

Location: 1279-3, Shirahama, Nishimuro District, Wakayama 649-2211, Japan
Opening hours: 8am-6pm

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