Get ready for a feast of the senses — GastroBeats is back with a bang. From 1 to 25 June, head down to the Bayfront Event Space for an unforgettable evening of food delights, live performances, and good vibes all around. The best part? Admission to GastroBeats is completely free!

This year’s GastroBeats features themed food streets designed to transport you to different culinary worlds, each with its own unique ambience, flavours, and cultural influences. With delicacies cooked up by 50 homegrown food vendors, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

1. Fooditude’s Praffles

Truffle Cheese Praffle ($13.9), loaded with popcorn chicken and slathered in a generous amount of cheese

Fooditude’s Praffles win quirkiest food at this year’s GastroBeats.

A fusion of prata and waffles, this interesting concept is created in collaboration with local comedian Farah Lola. It’s flakey, crispy, and loaded generously with toppings. Praffles start from $11.9 for their Gula Melaka Praffle, but you might want to top up just a little more to try their signature Chilli Crab Praffle ($18.9).


2. Rainbow Works

Cocolupa ($11.9), the most presentable dish at GastroBeats

For the gram, but for your own satisfaction as well, we recommend the refreshing slushies from Rainbow Works.

For a regular slushie, choose between the Cocomu and Mangomu, both priced at $8.9. Both drinks are elevated with corn, almond flakes, and roti kok, and fragranced with pandan leaves. But, for an additional $3, you can get both drinks in a handmade weaved basket.

Rainbow Works

3. 2 Ninja 1 Fatty

Grilled Squid ($9), available in original, spicy seaweed and mala

2 Ninja 1 Fatty is the most popular stall at GastroBeats and for a good reason — every dish is freshly-grilled upon order

A smokey aroma is bestowed upon the Grilled Squid ($9), which had a nice crunch to the meat. Other offerings include Grilled Scallops ($15) and Grilled River Prawns ($16), available in original, garlic butter, and mentaiko.

2 Ninja 1 Fatty

4. No Time Hot Pot

No Time Hot Pot. Photo: TNP

Ever heard of hot pot in a cup? No Time Hot Pot is here to revolutionise the game.

Dedicated to making the hot pot experience available on the go, No Time Hot Pot serves up hot pot in convenient takeaway cups, so everyone can enjoy hot pot – anytime, and anywhere. I mean, how else are you going to enjoy hotpot at GastroBeats?

The No Time Share Share costs $18.8, while the No Time Anyhow costs $23.8. Both sizes come with two soup bases — Tomato and Mala.

No Time Hot Pot

5. Mia Tavola

Mia Tavola Tiramisu. Photo: GastroBeats

Immerse yourself in the heartwarming tale of culinary love and heritage at Mia Tavola, founded by the dynamic duo of Nick and Pam.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with their signature Tiramisu ($17) that comes in nine different flavours, offering both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. It was textbook! The symphony of delicate flavours and velvety textures will entice you to skip the mains and jump straight into dessert. Obviously, we would recommend the Original for a taste of authenticity. But if you’re feeling adventurous, give one of their more unique flavours — Pumpkin Spice, Limoncello, and Pistachio — a try.

Mia Tavola

6. Baoderful

The popularity of bao burgers has waned since its peak three years ago, but we’re glad that Baoderful made an appearance in this year’s GastroBeats.

Baoderful offers four types of bao buns: Karabuta Braise Pork Belly Bao, Chicken Katsu Egg Mayo Bao, Nashville Chicken with Slaw Bao and Mexican Pulled Chicken Bao. We sampled the Karabuta Braise Pork Belly and Nashville Chicken. Both were extremely flavourful and tender.


8. Gyushi

Gyushi Wagyu Beef Bowl. Photo: Gastrobeats

Discover the ultimate value-for-money Wagyu Beef Bowls at Gyushi which offers a wide variety of flavourful donburi bowls that showcases the best of Japanese cuisine. 

From fresh seafood delicacies to toppings like mentaiko and truffle sauce, each bowl is guaranteed to pack a punch. You can’t go wrong with the Original Wagyu Beef Bowl ($15), but if you’re feeling fancy, pair it with an earthy truffle oil, with no additional costs, in their Truffle Wagyu Beef Bowl ($15).


9. Earle Swensen’s

Bite-sized sliders. Photo: Gastrobeats

Earle Swensen’s is perfect if you’re looking for bite-sized delights that bring together the best of Halal-certified ingredients, inspired recipes, and a touch of local flair. 

Their specially crafted sliders are a spin-off from their existing range of burgers, carefully reimagined to allow diners to sample a variety of flavours in a single sitting. Each mini burger is a symphony of taste, filled with perfectly seasoned patties to fresh toppings. Don’t worry about feeling overly stuffed, as these sliders will invite you to embark on a gastronomic adventure while still leaving plenty of space for more.


Location: Bayfront Event Space, 12A Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018970
Opening hours: 4-11pm

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