Singapore's first Impossible Pizza. Meat-free, plant-based pizza from Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza, featuring Impossible Foods

Are you a vegetarian or plant-based lover who often faces limited selection of meat-free fast food in Singapore?

Presenting Singapore’s first “The Impossible™ Pizza”, launched by Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza.

The plant-based pizza features Impossible™ Beef, made from plants. Inspired by Mexican food, the pizza is topped with jalapeño peppers, white onions, and black olives, and two types of decadent cheeses — mozzarella and edam. The plant-based meat tasted so realistic, I could hardly tell it wasn’t real meat. If you’re someone who hates eating plain vegetables but wants to stay away from too much meat, this is a really good alternative.

Plant-based chicken and fish side dishes

A pizza treat ain’t a real treat without its sides.

The Korean Chargrilled Bites were my favourite. Every piece is grilled and coated in sweet and savoury Korean sauce that is similar to bulgogi style. This dish features Harvest Gourmet’s meat-free chargrilled pieces.

Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza also collaborated with OmniFoods for their Fish and Tots, and the fillet is an absolute star as it was almost impossible to tell whether I was eating real fish or plant-based fish.

The Chicken Chunks is in collaboration with DYNAMEAT to create the perfect meat chunks that are fried to perfection and not too oily.

First step towards sustainability

Canadian 2 For 1 is aiming towards a sustainable branding. They have switched using recycled materials for their pizza boxes, and is considering more environmental-friendly options for utensils and other packaging later this year.

Enjoy their 2-for-1 promotion: Regular ($34.8), Medium ($43.6), Extra-large ($50.2).

The new meat-free menu is available in all 18 Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza retail stores islandwide, as well online and on Grab Food.

*This article is written in collaboration with Canadian Pizza 2 For 1

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