Kanada-Ya is no stranger to ramen enthusiasts. Specializing in Tonkotsu Ramen, Kanada-Ya has won multiple awards in its hometown Fukuoka, Japan and was even voted as the No. 1 Ramen Restaurant in London.

However, awards don’t mean much for franchises as due to consistency issues. I’ve never had the original one in Japan and neither have I tried the heavily lauded version in London. But, Singapore one was pretty damn good, in my opinion.

Note: Kanada-Ya is opening their third branch in Marina Square and is offering a 100% unlimited cash rebate on your first meal with no minimum spend, no cap and no strings attached.

Tonkotsu Ramen

Starting with their Tonkotsu broth, which was not for the weak with a thick creamy mouthfeel and a robust flavor. It was almost perfect. But if it’s one thing I’d like, I would’ve liked it to have more depth.

While their broth was memorable, their noodles were the element that won me over. It was so springy, with a softer bite than average, but still retaining a certain amount of firmness to it.

Their much-raved Truffle Ramen shouldn’t be overlooked either. I’ve always been wary of truffle dishes, or specifically, phonies that only have one drop of truffle oil. But, infused with black truffle oil and a specially-made black truffle jelly, the aroma of truffle permeated my nostrils before the waitress could even set the steamy bowl of ramen down.

The Chashu used in the Truffle Ramen was different from the ones that we’re familiar with. Instead of a nice brown crust, it was sickly pale, almost unappetizing. But the texture– oh my god– it was almost like a jelly. I didn’t notice it before since my tastebuds were already completely compromised by the truffle broth, but I later found out that the chashu was marinated in truffle as well.

Side Dishes

The Wasabi Mayo Gyoza was decent. The gyoza itself could’ve been slightly crispier and I would’ve liked the wasabi mayo to have more kick; it was mild with a hint of sweetness. It wasn’t bad but it’s not something that I’d likely order again.

Instead, try their Crab Cream Korokke which is a ball of mashed potato and crab-meat fried to a perfect golden brown. The outer layer was extremely light and airy, a contrast to the creamier center that reminded me of aligot. It could be a little decadent to some but I think one per person is more than enough.

*This article is written in collaboration with Kanada-Ya

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