Chocolate Mango Creampuffs in Singapore by Kele at Takashimaya

What makes the perfect cream puff?. Both elements- cream and puff- are essential in such a simplistic dessert. But the puff pastry comes first in ‘Choux a la Creme’. Soggy cream puffs just aren’t the way to go. Kele Cream Puffs, however, got me intrigued.

I’ve had my fair share of cream puffs and one look at it told me that it was going to have the same airy crunch as the ones from Beard Papas and Baristart. But, here’s when innovation supersedes tradition.

Kele Rollcakes New Store at Takashimaya. Cream Puffs. Source: Kele

Sweet Potato, Durian, Chocolate Mango… These were the flavours that called out to me. Of course, the vibrant pink hues at the newly-opened Takashimaya outlet were striking in their own ways too.

Due to availability, we ended up getting Matcha Avocado, Chocolate Mango and Sakura Strawberry. These are part of their Special Range (S$12.9 for a box of 3), which also includes Sweet Potato.

Their Durian Range (S$14.9) for 3 consists of Premium Durian and Durian Kaya.

Unsurprisingly, the choux pastry lacked crunch due to pre-filling. But the velvety cream was their saving grace.

I wasn’t surprised by the consistency of the Matcha Avocado. The buttery, grassy nuances had always shined through in Roll Cake or Snowskin Mooncake form. The matcha could’ve been more intense though.

Meanwhile, their Chocolate Mango demonstrated balance. Like yin yang, the vibrance of the mango was counteracted by the richness of the bittersweet chocolate. It’s also worth mentioning that the chocolate wasn’t decadent at all.

The Sakura Strawberry tasted the most foreign to me. The fruity, refreshing aspect is present, but it didn’t distinctly taste like strawberry. Perhaps it was the addition of a floral note that made it confusing. But, overall, it wasn’t bad.

Kele’s newest line-up of cream puffs may not have hit all the right spots, but the innovative flavours- and more importantly, the discipline of sticking to natural ingredients only, was sufficient to distract me from what it lacked.

Location: 391 Orchard Road, #B207-3-2 Takashimaya Food Hall, Singapore 238872
Opening hours: 10am- 9.30pm

*This article is written in collaboration with Kele

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