What’s the best cafe in Seoul?

When you’re planning your Seoul itinerary, you have to add in a few cafes here and there. Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is packed with a myriad of amazing cafes.

O’sulloc Tea House is the largest tea house in Korea that houses a matcha-speciality cafe and a storefront for their exclusive tea leaves.

Is O’sulloc really worth the hype?

One thing’s for sure. The matcha desserts at O’sulloc is packed with a potent grassy and umami matcha flavour. Here’s what we’ve tried at this cafe.

The Green Tea Double Cheesecake (₩6,500) triumphed with its multidimensional flavours. Starting from the bitterness of the raw matcha ganache coating, followed by a milky layer of cream cheese. Lastly, a sweetened matcha-flavoured cheesecake to balance out the bitterness.

To enjoy a purer flavour of O’sulloc’s matcha powder, the Green Tea Roll Cake (₩6,500) would be a better option.

A croque monsieur is a grilled cheese and ham sandwich. O’sulloc’s rendition, the Green Tea Croque Monsieur (₩5,500), had matcha infused into their bread.

While the bread was fluffy, there was barely any signs of matcha in the sandwich.

Why is O’Sulloc so famous?

Perhaps another reason why so many locals, and tourists especially, visits O’sulloc is because they’re more than a cafe.

Other than matcha desserts and tea, O’sulloc houses a large range of speciality tea which serve as the perfect souvenir from Seoul.

Their options ranges from the classics like Loose Green Tea Leaves to unique flavours like Moon Walk and Coral Island, which boasts nuances of pear and muscat grape respectively.

Prices start from ₩4,500 for three sachets, available in tea sticks or tea bags.

Furthermore, O’sulloc has also developed a line of skincare products such as the Green Tea Cleansing Foam, Green Tea Cleansing Oil and Green Tea Facial Mask.

The story of O’Sulloc

When one is to think about tea, their mind will naturally drift towards matcha and hojicha from Japan or the spiced aromatics from India. It is regrettable that the unique tea culture in Korea had lost its glory over the years, which is precisely what the founder of O’sulloc, Seo Seong-Hwan, wanted to change.

With the ideology is to reinvigorate Korea’s tea culture, O’sulloc quickly made a name for itself and the Korea tea scene, and soon opened up O’sulloc Tea House.

O’Sulloc Tea House

Location: 45 Bukchon-ro, Jongno-gu
서울 종로구 북촌로 45 오설록
Opening hours: 11am-9pm

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