Before visiting L’eclair Patisserie, I read an extremely bad review of the place. I thought to myself: how’s that possible for a place which specializes in eclairs. Not to mention how beautifully crafted they are (really the perfect example of why one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover). 

L’eclair Patisserie is the first eclair specialty store (according to the meta description of their website). I’m not sure what their standards were like a few years ago when they first started but I wasn’t impressed.

To start off, the texture of the eclairs was a little soggy and dense. It could’ve been more buttery and fragrant as well. 

For the flavors, I wouldn’t say that it’s bad but they definitely could’ve been a lot better. We got the Macadamia Taro and White Peach Lychee, both seasonal flavors (S$7.5-8.5). The Taro could’ve been a lot more intense. But, the lychee had a nice fruity aroma.

We had the Rooibush Jardin Rouge (S$5 for 250ml) which is rooibos tea infused with cornflower and sunflower petals, rose, strawberry, vanilla, and grapefruit. It was very aromatic but when it came to drinking it, it was quite mild and the flavors didn’t really stimulate my tastebuds. 

The Iced Latte was pretty decent. Nutty, with a fruity undertone. It’s also had a bitter aftertaste.


I wouldn’t say that the eclairs were horrible. Yes, the texture was off and the flavor of the taro could’ve been improved. Maybe it’s a 6/10, borderline 5, but not horrible. It was the built-up expectations that you’d have for an eclairs specialty store that resulted in the immense disappointment.

Location: 190 Clemenceau Ave, #01-28 Singapore Shopping Centre, Singapore 239924
Tel: +656635 7909
Opening hours: 11am- 6pm


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