Half a Roasted Duck at London Roasted Duck. Crispy skin and tender juicy duck meat

Using Irish ducks- also known as the ‘wagyu of ducks’- their heritage recipe, and secret duck roasting techniques, London Fat Duck is a Hong Kong-style restaurant that is known for their crispy and tender roasted duck.

Just one look and I knew I was in for a treat. The ducks live up to their reputation with their glistening skin and juicy-looking meat. The layer of fat in between simply adds on to its decadence.

I appreciated how the duck was flavourful without being overly-salty, which indicated that sufficient time was used to marinate the duck in their secret sauce, rather than a hastened process that relies on extra salt.

But what I was most impressed of was how crispy the skin was even though we had taken some time to take photos, especially with a thick layer of fats between the skin and meat, which usually results in a soggier skin.

I was never a fan of the plum sauce but I did notice that London Fat Duck’s variation was relatively less tart and had a sort of an ambrosial fragrance to it.

London Fat Duck’s Roasted Duck costs $18.8 for Quarter, $35.8 for Half, and $68.8 for Whole.

Deboning service is also available at $6 for half the duck and $12 for the whole bird.

Other signature dishes at London Fat Duck

Besides the duck, another dish you must try is the Signature Crispy Corn & Prawn with Salted Egg ($16.8), bringing novelty and familiarity together, though I must say I was starting to get sick of salted egg.

Although the salted egg sauce was rich and umami, my first bite was lackluster. I only tried the prawn and so it tasted like any other decently prepared salted egg dish.

But it was elevated to the next level with the juicy droplets of corn that bursts in your mouth, releasing its nectar that counteracts the richness of the sauce. It was a fireworks of explosion in my mouth. Both sweet and salty elements brought out the best in each other, accentuating each others’ flavours.

Meanwhile, while Duck Bak Kwa Fried Rice ($14.8) had its own element of surprise- curing duck into bak kwa- didn’t make much of an impact on my palate. However, it held its own as a fried rice dish.

Location: 6 Scotts Rd, #B1-16/17, Singapore 228209
Tel: +65 6443 7866
Opening hours: 11:30am- 9pm (Weekdays); 11am- 9pm (Weekends)

*This article is written in collaboration with London Fat Duck

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