Beyond the $0.99 coffee craze, Luckin Coffee launches its new single origin espresso series for discerning coffee drinkers.

Luckin Coffee, soaring to fame with its aggressive store openings, have quickly embedded its name in many Singaporeans’ minds when it comes to satisfying their coffee fix. Consumers can enjoy a cup of coffee for just $0.99 when they register a profile on the Luckin Coffee app for the first time.

Luckin Coffee Sumatra Gayo as a Hot Americano

However, beyond its affordable offerings, Luckin Coffee houses a selection of single origin espresso (SOE) drinks to cater to discerning coffee drinkers. For instance, the Hambella and Gesha series.

Luckin Coffee launches Sumatra Gayo single origin in May

For frequent cafe hoppers, you might notice the frequent recurrence of Ethiopian, Colombian and Brazilian on display in many cafes in Singapore. These are the most commonly found single origin coffees in Singapore due to their long history and reputation in coffee production, and more importantly, its relatively balanced profile which caters to a wider group of people.

Luckin Coffee Sumatra Gayo in four different drinks: latte, flat white, dirty latte and americano

However, beyond the Latin American and African range, you’ll find an underrated coffee production country that is closer to home.

Out of six coffee-producing regions in Indonesia, Sumatra Aceh Gayo stands out as one of the most prominent. Not only is Sumatra the largest coffee producer in the country, Gayo tops the chart for Arabica coffee production in the whole of Asia.

Will Indonesian coffee beans be “too bitter”?

Don’t worry about your coffee tasting too bitter. Luckin Coffee’s Sumatra Gayo range features a dessert-like profile of caramel, cedar and sweet cherries .

Thriving in elevations ranging from 1,200 to 1,800 metres, this coffee leverages on the Gayo district’s fertile volcanic soil and warm, humid climate. Using a unique wet hulling technique during processing, the traditional method — known as giling basah, results in a more full-bodied and less acidic coffee. 

Cupping process at Luckin Coffee Bean to Cup Workshop
Cupping process at Luckin Coffee’s From Bean to Cup Workshop, hosted by World Barista Champion 2023.
Photo: Luckin Coffee

The preconception that “Asian coffee” tends to be more bitter than “western coffee” stems from the fact that Asia used to be known for producing robusta coffee. For instance, the Nanyang kopi, a staple in our hawker centres, as well as the famous Vietnamese ca phe, uses robusta beans. However, over the years, the continent has shifted its focus to Arabica beans, and their quality is on par with its counterparts in other continents.

How to taste coffee like a pro?

Now… Can coffee, especially coffee from chain stores, really taste like chocolate and berries?

Mr Boram Um, World Barista Champion in 2023, hosted a coffee cupping  workshop in Singapore in April 2024. Um is just one of the many World Barista Championship champions that Luckin Coffee works with to curate their range of coffee beans, and calibrate them to ensure that they are brewed perfectly.

Mr Boram Um, World Barista Champion 2023, working with Luckin Coffee for their Bean to Cup coffee appreciation workshop
Mr Boram Um, one of the World Barista Champions that Luckin Coffee works with. Photo: Luckin Coffee

Before tasting, we have to first understand what tasting notes are. These notes, also known as flavours or aromas, are inherent to the respective coffees. They form naturally, and they are based on where it’s grown, how it’s processed, how it’s roasted, and how it’s brewed. A minor change in any stage can alter the flavour profile of the coffee.

Coffee notes are categorised into a common flavour, before branching out into the specifics. For instance, fruity notes can be broken down further into peach, plum, and cherry. 

Once your coffee is served, don’t rush into drinking it. Instead, take a whiff. Enjoy the aroma. Aside from “coffee”, try picking up other aromas.

When it’s time to taste, take a small sip and let the liquid slowly stream down your throat. Be very conscious of which part of your tongue the coffee is in contact with. The tip of your tongue picks up sweet, the sides pick up sour, the middle umami, while the back bitter.

Interestingly, the flavours of the coffee will also change as its temperature changes. So don’t finish it all in one gulp!

When will the Sumatra Gayo be available?

The Sumatra Gayo SOE drinks will be available in all Luckin Coffee stores in Singapore from 3 May. You can get them as an Americano, Latte, Flat White or Dirty. Luckin Coffee will house four types of SOEs in total, including their existing Hambella, Gesha and Yirgacheffe varieties.

New users who download the Luckin Coffee app can enjoy their first cup for only $0.99, while existing app users can use the 35 percent discount voucher on the Sumatra Gayo SOE and other offerings daily.

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