Professional flat lay of Lyre's Spirit Co Orange Sec

In an interview with Adam Driver, when asked if he preferred cocktails or beers, he bashfully mumbled ‘cocktail’ under his breath. While there’s not embarrassing for men to favour cocktails, it is a little awkward if you don’t have the alcohol tolerance for iit.

Lyre’s Spirit Co concocts a range of non-alcoholic spirits that tastes just like the classics, such as Negroni and Amaretto.

Since I’m no connoisseur, I won’t be able to comment on how similar it resembles the original. But I can give my honest feedback without comparison.

Lyre’s Spirit Co Ultimate Margarita Set ($159, U.P. $177) features Agave Blanco Spirit, Agave Reserva Spirit and Orange Sec.

The Orange Sec has the most familiar flavour. It’s essentially an amped up orange juice, with a gentle and complex finish from the aromatics.

Meanwhile, the Agave Blanco is on the other side of the spectrum. It was full of character, with the kick of pepper invading your nostrils as you invite the glass towards your face. Meanwhile, a battle takes place between the roasted agave, a type of nectar, and a mix of citrus.

The Agave Reserva is sort of the middle child. It’s influenced by the other two drinks. Just like the Blanco, it was full of character, spiked with pepper and roasted agave. But it also acquired a gentle sweetness from the Orange Sec, with its addition of vanilla that smoothens out the flavours.

Its genuine flavours are credited to their commitment to using natural essences, extracts and distillates from around the world.

The Margarita Set is one of their latest creations, out of their extensive array of non-alcoholic spirits.

Lyre’s Spirit Co also provides free mixology lessons for every purchase.

*This article is written in collaboration with Lyre’s Spirit Co, but all opinions are mine

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