Half Moon Dual Candle with Cedar and Tonka scented candles from Maison 21G

Humans are visual creatures. But it is surprising how smell has a much stronger effect on triggering memories. Scents that paint a picture of Christmas includes the woody smell or fir, the warm aroma of cinnamon and the sharp tang of cranberry jam.

Maison 21G, a house of scent designers, has recently launched Christmas-exclusive fragrances, as well home products such as candles, oil burners and reed diffusers.

1. Half-Moon Dual Candle

The Half-Moon Dual Candle, as it name implies, comes in two semi-circle candle holders. You can light them individually, or both at the same time.

One plus one equals three. This erroneous equation means that combining two different scents creates a unique third scent. In no time, the woody undertones of Maison 21G’s Cedar Caviar had fused with the vanilla notes of Terrific Tonka. Both fragrances painted a picture of a wooden cabin in winter, as the fireplace crackled and the hot chocolate bubbled.

You are welcome to mix-and-match any two candles. But if you are at a loss, Maison 21G has a list of winning combinations. This includes Lover Date (Vanilla Venus and Amber Affair), Mediterranean Escape (Vanilla Venus and Fabulous Fig) and Fresh Fantasy (Sage Supreme and Fabulous Fig).

In light of the holidays, they have rolled out a series of limited edition scents: Pine Paradise, Mandarin Majesty, Charming Chestnut, and Mimosa Mantra.

Petite-sized candles are also available.

2. Luciole

Like how a firefly glows in the dark, this oil burner is christened Luciole. It translates to ‘firefly’ in French as its ribbed and frosted exterior emanates a warm, diffused glow.

To use it, simply light a candle, place it inside the glass and add a few drops of essential oils on the burner.

Maison’s curated combinations are Ultimate Elegance (Sleek Sandalwood and Cedar Caviar), Breath of Serenity (Jazzy Jasmine and Sage Supreme) and Aphrodisiac Infusion (Vanilla Venus and Amber Affair).

3. Diffuser

A common item on wishlists are reed diffusers, which allow for a steady and consistent release of your selected perfume essences in any room.

All three products from Maison 21G’s home collection are essentially fragrances for your homes. So what sets them apart from each other?

In terms of intensity, the candle and oil burner are stronger than the reed diffuser as the heat is applied directly on the essential oils. 

Amanda Jade Tan, Scent Designer of Maison 21G, said that the Luciole was her favourite due to its charming aesthetic. She also mentioned that the candles emanate a subtle fragrance in her room even when they are not lit.

4. Personalised Perfume

The practice of gifting perfume dates back to Ancient Egypt. It was believed that it was an item that showed affection. Of course, it is only effective if you get the right scent.

Creating personalised perfume with different perfumes

However, with Maison 21G’s personalised perfume workshops, there is no need to take such a huge risk. Simply bring your loved one, or friend, down to the Duxton Road outlet to craft your signature scent.

5. Dual Crayon Perfumes (with Maison 21G Scent Discover Set)

Alternatively, you could pick their Dual Crayon Perfumes, which comes with a sleek, black attachment and two roll-on 30ml bottles.

If two is not enough, their Scent Discovery Set provides 34 different fragrances which cover the complete range of their core collection.

Every core memory is tied to a distinct scent. The refreshing breath of the ocean could be tied to a memorable beach day, the woody aroma of oak could remind you of your first date at the park, and the sweet smell of Tonka could trigger memories of a childhood snack.

So, which memory will you be choosing from Maison 21G?

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*This article is written in collaboration with Maison 21G

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