For centuries, mankind has pondered over the question of whether humans have souls. Scientist Duncan MacDougall conducted a research to prove that souls exist by measuring bodies before and after death. Later coined as the ’21 Grams Experiment’, it was widely rejected in the scientific community due to a lack of evidence; only one out of six subjects met the hypothesis. However, it popularised the concept that the human soul indeed has weight, specifically, 21 grams.

In theory, souls would vaporise from the body. But, down at 77 Duxton Road, a woman by the name of Johanna Monange was able to capture souls in tiny glass bottles. “The weight of your soul”, she proclaimed with a grin. But, hold your pitchforks, men. Johanna was no witch. Rather, she was a professional scent designer who strongly believed that fragrances were a reflection of our souls.

Personalised perfume from DIY perfume workshop in Singapore

Maison 21G is a personalised French haute perfumery at Tanjong Pagar that was founded by Johanna Monange. Reputable in the industry, she was involved in the concoction of various international bestsellers such as La Vie est Belle by Lancôme and One Million by Paco Rabane.

With her armoury of knowledge in perfumery, she aims to concoct the right scent for each individual through Maison 21G’s personalised perfume workshop.

Fragrance tells a thousand words

Perfume is not superficial. First dated in 1370, its identity has undergone cycles of change throughout history. At some point in time, its main responsibility might’ve been as frivolous as masking body odour or seducing men. But in the modern age, it’s a mirror of one’s identity and a form of self-expression. It encapsulates facades, emotions and personalities.

Thus, the first step of Maison 21G’s Perfume Workshop was a short personality quiz which was formulated under consultation with professional psychologists. So rest assured, it’s legitimate.

Scents are broadly categorised under floral, fruity, citrus, gourmand, green woody, aquatic and oriental. “There’s no fixed formula for individual personality types,” Amanda, our session’s professional scent designer, explained. It was merely for reference, which was later proven by me and my sister’s starkly different options despite having the exact same personality. Mine was citrus, sweet and earthy whereas hers was heavy on floral notes.

Choosing your scent 

That was the easy part. The next challenge was almost impossible for the indecisive to conquer. We had to eliminate scents till we were left with four (the number might vary accordingly). 

It wasn’t easy, but we pulled it off eventually. The formula of our personalised perfume was then concocted by the professionals at Maison 21G. I ended up with Ocean, Cannabis, Bergamot and Tonka. For fear of identity theft, I’ll leave the exact formula out.

The last step was to bring it all together. It wasn’t a difficult task, unless you’re plagued with shaky hands.

Soul Searching at Maison 21G

The workshop took about an hour and was reasonably priced at $160. It’s also the perfect gift idea if you’re not one to use perfumes (although you should).

While Macdougall and his band of believers swear on his hypothesis, there’s no, and there might never be, concrete evidence of the existent of human souls. But, why not take a leap of faith? Rather than entrusting yourself to meaningless scents off the shelf, empower yourself by establishing your identity. Souls may be intangible. Our bodies will perish. But the sillage we leave behind shall remain immortal.

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Location: 77 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089536
Tel: +65 9477 7818
Opening hours: 12pm- 8pm


*This article is written in collaboration with Maison 21G

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