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Taking care of one’s skin is unmanly. While it is proven that skincare requirement for men and women are the same, outdated gender norms continue to plagued the industry. Men are forced to hide behind ‘masculine’ packaging, or deny their use of ‘female’ skincare brands. In reality, there should not be a distinction between the two. It is a deep-rooted stigma in our society, and there is a brand that’s determined to uproot it.

All-natural Hokkaido mineral water

Japan has always been known for extravagant approach to product innovation and meeth is no different, with their use of mineral-rich water sourced from Hokkaido.

Quick and easy skincare routine

For most guys, their routine ends as soon as it begins but that shouldn’t be the way.

After washing your face with a cleanser, splash a few droplets of Morerich Essential Lotion ($115) to cleanse your pores and moisturise your face.

It’s refreshing, light on the skin, and most importantly, bestows a natural dewy glow upon your skin.

For additional aftercare, pamper yourself with meeth’s Morerich Pack ($190). It’s a specialised gel that locks in moisture. Just like the Essential Lotion, this formula includes mineral-rich water from Hokkaido, with the addition of plant-derived Pentativin to soothe the skin. But how do you use it?

The pack comes with two types of sachets: gel and powder. Pour the powder into the gel sachet and mix well before applying it directly on your face. Next, put the facial sheets on and wash off after 20 to 30 minutes.

I was clueless about how it worked until I watched the step-by-step tutorial videos on their website. In addition, they have a list of helpful articles on skincare tips and tricks, such as The Basic of All-Day Sun Protection.

meeth’s F Bright UV Base ($70), with a rating of SPF 44 PA+++, provides a strong defense against UAV and UBV rays. It accommodates sensitive skin, due to the inclusion of Titanium Dioxide in its formula.

One of my biggest concerns for sunscreen is that it’s oily and thick. But this felt light on the skin.

With a slight tint, it can also be used as foundation.

Skincare made simple

meeth sent this media kit to target men. It’s a bold move, considering it includes a tinted sunscreen and make-up remover. However, I have to admit that our society has not progressed to the level where make up on men is a norm.

Instead, the Smoothcleans Skincare Set ($200) is the perfect set for women (and well, men who put on make up). It contains a make up remover, a cleanser and Morerich Essential Lotion. While it wouldn’t hurt to have more products in your routine, this trifecta is more than enough to cover all bases.

The Foaming Facial Cleanser is gentle on the skin and I think that it works well with most skin types.

*This article is written in collaboration with meeth

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