How long should you brush your teeth for? I’d tell you, but you don’t need the answer when you’re using a smart toothbrush.

Programmed with a timer, the Mola Sonic+ Toothbrush from Mora Oral Care allows you to track your brushing routine with ease.

Mola Oral Care line-up of dental products also includes a toothbrush sanitiser and disclosing tablets

How does the smart toothbrush work?

If you’re not sure if you’re brushing your teeth enough, the Mola Sonic+ Toothbrush is programmed with a smart timer and reminder. A two-minute countdown timer appears on the screen during each brush cycle. On top of that, there is a pacer that reminds you to switch quadrants of your mouth every 30 seconds. This ensures that all four corners of your mouth are cleaned evenly.

The precision of the timing is one aspect. But, what exactly is the most efficient way to brush your teeth? 

Again, there’s no need for you to know as the Sonic Toothbrush is designed with five brushing modes: clean, sensitive, deep clean, whitening, and gum care. The presets are programmed with different intensity. I’ve been using it for about a week and my go-to preset is “clean”, with the occasional “whitening” before a date.

Press the black button to change modes, and the silver button to activate the toothbrush

I never liked electronic toothbrushes because the ones I’ve used were very harsh on my gums. The bristles from Mola tend to be softer, and the best part about their Sonic Toothbrush is that it gives its users the liberty to custom their brushing settings. One of the presets are too rough on your gums? Simply turn its strength down. The Sonic Toothbrush’s custom settings includes five intensity levels, and five duration settings from 5 to 60 seconds.

Fortunately for me, the “clean” and “whitening” settings are just right.

Aside from being softer, the Mola brush heads are also copper-free, which prevents bacteria and rust from accumulating over time. Also, dentists recommend changing the brush head every three months. Even if you forget to, Mola’s brush heads are engineered in such a way that the blue bristles fade over time, reminding you to replace it.

Easily detachable brush heads can be bought for $14.9 for two heads

The Mola Sonic+ Toothbrush is available for $89.9, (U.P $139.9).

Having an accurate brushing routine prevents bad breath, plaque, and overbrushing. Not only does overbrushing lead to sensitive teeth and gums, it’s also irreversible.

Toothbrush sanitiser

If their copper-free — which prevents bacterial accumulation — brush heads don’t reassure you, invest just a bit more for the perfect oral hygiene routine.

The Mola UV Toothbrush Sanitiser ($26.9, U.P $35.9) eradicates millions of bacteria on your toothbrush in just three minutes.

Simply place your brush head in the sanitiser for three-minutes. It’s that simple.

Smart oral hygiene isn’t a luxury

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Mola Oral Care

*This article is written in partnership with Mola Oral Care, but all opinions are of my own 

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