Whether or not you’ve been a fan of Addams Family, you have to have heard of Wednesday by now. Not the day of the week, but the latest hit on Netflix. Following Wednesday Addams, the daughter of the Addams Family, the newest spinoff produced by Netflix has taken the internet by storm, with the assistance of TikTok content creators who have either recreated her iconic dance in the first episode, or sharing their favourite Wednesday Addams-inspired outfits.

Wedensday is expelled from her high school after she dumped live piranhas into the school’s pool as revenge on the team for bullying her younger brother. The story starts when her parents enrolled her into Nevermore Academy, the school for monstrous outcasts, where she discovers she has psychic powers that allows her to solve a local murder.

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If you’re already done binging, and you’re aching for the next season, here are five shows like Wednesday that you can watch on Netflix.

1. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is perhaps the most similar to the Addams Family spinoff. Coming-of-age, female teenager protagonist, and magic are the common themes they share. 

Based on the Archie comic book series with the same name, the Netflix Original series follows Sabrina, a young teenage witch who has just begun her dark education. As a half-mortal, half-witch, she must learn to reconcile her dual nature, while fighting the evil forces that threaten her and her family.

The tv series was first released in 2018, and is currently on their fourth season.

2. Shadow and Bone

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This American fantasy tv series takes place in a dystopian. The Grisha universe consists of six nations. Each nation’s people are adept at different kinds of “magic”; in their words, manipulators of molecular matters. Some are able to summon natural elements like wind or fire, while others control materials like metal or glass.

The Shadow Fold is a region of engulfing darkness, which divides one of the nations, Ravka, in two. Since then, Ravka has been at war. To save their nation, Ravka’s second army is determined to search for a Grisha who can summon light — the only person who can destroy the Shadow Fold.

The protagonist, Alina Starkov, turns out to be the Grisha they’re looking for. But as her secret is revealed, she’s also being hunted by city gangs and assassin. Alina must come to terms with who she is, and who she can trust, as she develops her powers to save Ravka.

3. Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments

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When Clary Fray accidentally committed a murder on her 18th birthday, she gets thrown into the world of demon hunting.

As she’s celebration her birthday at the club, she sees a mysterious group of people that is invisible to others. She follows them into the back room where a fight broke out. In an attempt to stop the fight, she accidentally stabs one of them, and is convinced that she killed him. She rushes home to her mother, who reveals invisible inkings on her own skin that were similar to the men in the club. Fearful for Clara’s safety, her mother asks their friend Dot to send her through a portal to Luke, her father figure, who betrays her after.

Clara’s mother goes missing, and in her place, is a monstrous Dot who was determined to do whatever it takes to retrieve a ‘Mortal Cup’ from her. Clara is saved by a blond boy from the club, who is part of a group of Shadowhunters — half-angel, half-human. She joins the group to save her mother from Luke, and discovers powers she never knew she possessed.

4. The Order

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Out to avenge his mother’s death, college student Jack Morton joins a fabled secret society — the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose. His life in the mortal world is gone, as he is thrust into a world of magic and monsters. As he trains in the organisation, he uncovers dark family secrets and gets deep involved in an underground battle being waged between werewolves and practitioners of dark magic.

While interesting, the series was cancelled after two seasons, which means that there is no ending.

5. Warrior Nun

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When orphaned teen Ava Silva wakes up in a morgue, she discovers that she possesses superpowers. She has been chosen as the Halo-Bearer for a secret sect of demon-hunting nuns.

Also known as the ancient Order of the Cruciform Sword, she is tasked with fighting demons on Earth, while defending herself from powerful forces from heaven and hell that want to find and control her.

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