What was the owl’s favourite Whitney Houston song? Owl always love you.

Aside from shopping and day trips, Tokyo is packed with so many amazing cafes. From exquisite coffee houses to old-school bakeries, you could literally plan your whole itinerary around cafe-hopping (but please don’t). Yet, for those seeking a unique respite from coffee and bakes, Tokyo also hosts a captivating array of animal cafes nestled within various popular neighbourhoods such as Akihabara and Harajuku.

Beyond the more popular options such as dog cafes, and even the famous HARRY Hedgehog Cafe, you could consider checking out an owl cafe as well.

It’s uncommon for us to come in such close encounters with these nocturnal creates. Hence, whether you’re a seeking a serene escape from the city or simply curious about owls, join us as we explore the best owl cafes Tokyo has to offer.

Owl cafes to consider in your Tokyo itinerary

  • Owl no Mori — The most affordable owl cafe with other small animals
  • Ikefukuro Owl — Assisted interactions and guidance to ensure the owls are well cared for
  • Akiba Fukurou — Largest number of owls here, and admission includes a souvenir photo
  • Fukuro no Miso — Clear separation between cafe and owl encounter zones
  • Owl Village Harajuku — Inclusive of owl-themed souvenirs

1. Owl no Mori

Owl Cafe Asakusa - Owl no Mori for affordable owl cafes in Tokyo
Photo: Tripadvisor

Translates to “Forest of Owls”, this owl cafe in Asakusa gets its name for its lush foliage that adorn its interior.

Owl no Mori is home to 30 owls of 17 different breeds and sizes, as well as a few other animals such as hedgehogs!

It has one of the most affordable owl cafes in Tokyo, with an entry fee of ¥890 for adults, and ¥540 yen for kids. Admission fees include one free drink (refills are an extra ¥100).

Owl no Mori

Location: Japan, 〒111-0032 Tokyo, Taito City, Asakusa, 2 Chome−16−5 レジデンシャルスター浅草 102

2. Ikefukuro Owl

Two girls holding an owl with protective gloves at Ikefukuro Owl, one of the best tourist attractions in Toshima City
Photo: mailmemarina / Flickr

If it’s you’re nervous about your first encounter with an owl, or you want extra reassurance that the owls welfare are taken care of, Ikefukuro Owl is the owl cafe for you.

At the start of your session, the trained staff will brief you on the rules and provide guidance on interacting with the owls. Initially, guests are permitted to pet and stroke the owls before progressing to holding them. Additionally, the owl cafe prioritises the well-being of their owls, ensuring that those on a rest break or still adjusting to human contact are not available for touching.

Ikefukuro Owl is more of a facilitated animal encounter than a cafe, where you can rest and lounge around.

Admission fees are priced ¥1,400 on weekdays and ¥1,600 on weekends for an hourly session, inclusive of a drink.

Ikefukuro Owl

Location: Japan, 〒171-0021 Tokyo, Toshima City, Nishiikebukuro, 3 Chome−30−11 泰共フラットビル 2F

3. Akiba Fukurou

Get your owl cafe Tokyo tickets online on Klook. Akiba Fukurou is the largest owl cafe in Tokyo, with 40 owls
Photo: Klook

This owl cafe in Chiyoda City houses the largest family of owls.

At Akiba Fukurou, all 40 of their owls are named after foods such as Takoyaki, Shirasu and Peanuts. However, despite its large number of owls, the cafe limits each session to a maximum of 14 visitors.

Each session costs ¥3000 per hour, inclusive of a drink and a souvenir photo. You can also get tickets on Klook for $28.5.

Akiba Fukurou

Location: Japan, 〒101-0022 Tokyo, Chiyoda City, Kanda Neribeicho, 67

4. Fukuro no Miso

Fukuro no Miso owl cafe
Photo: Tripadvisor

With a clear segmentation between the cafe zone and interactive zone, Fukuro no Miso is the perfect option for adults, who might not want to play with the owls, but still wish to watch over their kids.

The owl cafe houses 20 owls of three different sizes.

Admission fee costs ¥1,500 per hour, inclusive of a complimentary non-alcoholic beverage of your choice. You can choose to top-up an additional ¥200 for a beer instead. Do note that the cafe does not serve food.

Fukuro no Miso

Location: 1 Chome-27-9 Tsukishima, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0052, Japan

5. Owl Village Harajuku

Owl cafe Harajuku
Photo: Tripadvisor

Owl Village Harajuku is pricier than the owl cafes on this list but for two good reasons: its convenient location at Harajuku and its owl-themed souvenirs.

An hourly session costs ¥2,800 per pax, including a soft drink, a dessert, an owl ring, and one owl glasswork.

If you’ve already finalised your Tokyo itinerary, you can make an advanced credit card payment which gives you 33% off (¥2,000).

Owl Village Harajuku

Location: Japan, 〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jingumae, 1 Chome−21−15 原宿Atm 4F

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