Is Femi’s Tea closed?

Yes. If you’re wondering where the all-natural artisan tea store went to, they’re permanently closed. While there is no official notice on their social media platforms, their Google Business Profile indicated that they have ceased operating.

Nonetheless, if you’re curious about how an all-natural bubble tea store in Singapore tastes like, here’s our honest review of Femi’s Tea back in 2020.

Is Femi’s Tea worth your money?

The first thing you’ll notice is the relatively higher prices as a result of their all-natural ingredients.

Femi’s Tea prides on their all-natural, high-quality artisan teas. Using only the finest loose tea leaves all around Asia and only natural ingredients, they bring their customers healthy, great-tasting beverages that bring out the natural taste and scents of the teas.

For instance, the Cheese Strawberry Tea ($6.9) is derived of ten whole strawberries. As a result, it had a rather genuine berry flavour. It’s not too sweet, especially since it was countered by the savoury cheese foam.

Femis Special Milk Tea ($4.5) is packed with grass jelly and red bean, it heightens the taste profile of the milk tea by providing a hint of sweetness and earthiness. It’s very similar tasting to Taiwanese milk tea — towards the milkier side with a milder tea taste, but with an extra bit of oomph.

Their Signature Fruit Tea w Matcha Pearls (S$5.5) is fruitier compared to other brands. Its intense citrus flavors also makes it really refreshing. However, the matcha pearls barely had any flavor.

Lastly, Femis Tea’s Black Sugar Milk Tea ($3.9) uses premium Japanese milk and black sugar. Their handmade black sugar pearls are the champion of the drink with the perfect amount of chew and a perfect sugar level.

This is definitely less sweet compared to brands such as R&B, Xin Fu Tang and Tiger Sugar.

Bubble tea with health benefits? Real or cap…

The unique feature of the Fujiyama Milk Tea ($4.9) is not its pretty colors, but rather the nutritional benefits it has.

Despite its colors, Femi’s Tea promises that no additional pigments or additives are used. Moreover, they claim that this drink is packed with anthocyanin which preserves ones beauty and youth, alongside vitamins A, C and E which provides a good health care effect on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Fujiyama Milk Tea

Femi’s Tea

Locations: 6 Changi Business Park Ave 1 ESR Bizpark@Changi, #01-23 North Lobby, 486017

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