Many restaurants declare their fried rice the best in Singapore and many fall short from the yardstick. And when a ‘humble’ shop on Beach Road self proclaims itself the ‘King’, it truly makes one wonder if they’re up for the challenge.

A sign of its legitimacy is its alluring wok hei aroma which reels you in the moment you step foot in the complex. There’s truly no escape once you’ve caught a whiff of this sinful temptation.

Now, there’s a lot of debate regarding the contestant worthy of the title. King of Fried Rice or Din Tai Fung. If we’re talking about the rice specifically, the our vote would go to KOFR. Each grain of rice, golden yellow, is perfectly separated with an even coating of oil. Meanwhile, DTF has a slightly wetter texture.

However, KOFR’s pork chop, while encompassing a mouthwatering umami taste, lost to DTF’s more balanced, subtle seasoning which retained the original flavor of the pork chop.

Other than the classic Original Egg, KOFR also serves Mala, XO and Tomyum.

Ultimately, food is subjective to personal taste. But ‘King’ or not, this little shop on Beach Road has already reserved a special place in our hearts as our go-to fried rice spot.

Location: 6001 Beach Road, #B1-56 Golden Mile Tower, 199589
Tel: +65 9159 4902
Opening hours: 11:30am-8:30pm (mon-fri); 1-8:30pm (sat); closed on sun

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