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Is Mom’s Touch closed?

Yes. All of Mom’s Touch’s outlets in Singapore have been permanently closed since 2022. It is now replaced by Chimichanga.

But, if you’d like to read about how this fried chicken chain from Korea fared back then, read on.

Our honest review of Mom’s Touch Singapore

What looked like a promising fast-food chain turned out to be quite a disappointment.

Originated from South Korea, Mom’s Touch specialises in fried chicken. The menu is separated into burgers and fried chicken. And strangely, it just so happened that all of us were leaning towards the burgers.

fried chicken burger, mom's touch singapore, mom's thigh burger

Naturally, we bought the signature Mom’s Thigh Burger. The appearance was indubitably marvellous. A thick, juicy cut of fried chicken sandwiched between two seemingly fluffy buns; let’s not forget that vital slice of lettuce for a ‘balanced’ meal. However, not only did the overall flavor turn out mediocre, the chicken patty was- brace yourselves- soggy.

Oh, truly, no crime is more heinous than serving fried chicken with a soggy crust. A McSpicy would’ve definitely topped this.

mozzarella stick, cheese pull, mom's touch singapore, mom's touch mozzarella stick

The only saving grace Mom’s Touch had was their Mozzarella Stick. Stringy, gooey, the epitome of mozzarella sticks, really.

Our verdict

French fries, mom's touch fries

It’s hard to give a proper judgement considering we haven’t tried their regular fried chicken. But frankly speaking, the traumatic experience we’ve had with their burgers would mean that it would take a while before we return for another try.

Mom’s Touch

Location: 10 Paya Lebar Rd #01-37 Paya Lebar Quarter, 409057
Opening hours: 10am- 10pm

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