Pepper in my coffee? Is that normal?

When you’re dining at The Coffee Academics, pepper and agave in your latte is just one of the few unconventional coffees you’ll find on their menu.

The Coffee Academics argues that they have the best coffee in Singapore. It’s ranked first in speciality coffee in the Frost and Sullivan Report, after all. But how does it actually taste?

Our review of The Coffee Academics

Unique hot latte at The Coffee Academics with pepper and agave
Pepper Agave – TCA

Their speciality coffee is indeed very special, with a dash of black pepper and a drizzle of nectar for a hint of sweetness to balance the spice out. While it sounds weird to have pepper in your coffee, I assure you it has a very unique taste profile.

First, your olfactories get hit by the spice of the pepper. Following, a light bitterness from their freshly ground coffee beans. Finishing off with a harmonious blend of sweet and spicy from the nectar and pepper.

Their other specialty coffee include Jawa, Okinawa and Manuka, each with their own secret ingredient. And as odd as they sound, I recommend trying them at least once. I doubt you can find such unique flavors elsewhere and hey, The Coffee Academics is renowned for them.

What about the food?

crispy fish tacos and curly fries from The Coffee Academics
Crispy Fish Tacos – TCA

The Crispy Fish Fillet Tacos ($23) features locally-grown golden snapper, accompanied with a chipotle mayonnaise and fresh mango salsa. In terms of the taste, I thought that the addition of fresh fruits alleviated the overall flavour of the taco. However, it was still lacking in terms of depth and the tacos were way too dry.

Interior of The Coffee Academics, one of the cafes in One Raffles Place

Where is The Coffee Academics located?

The Coffee Academics has four outlets across Singapore: Millenia Walk, Marina Bay Financial Centre, Ocean Financial Centre and Standard Chartered.

The Coffee Academics

Location: Multiple locations

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