Embarking on a journey to unwind and rejuvenate doesn’t always mean traveling far and wide. Nestled within a stone’s throw of Tokyo, lies a trio of exquisite staycation houses that promise to redefine your idea of a perfect getaway. From the time-honored charm of a traditional hut in Zushi to the contemporary allure of a studio loft in Kamakura and the breathtaking ocean views of a villa in Yokosuka, these unique retreats offer an escape like no other.

1. Traditional hut in Zushi

Nestled amidst the tranquil charm of Zushi, a picturesque coastal town near Tokyo, lies a time-honored gem — the Traditional Hut in Zushi.

Stepping into this remarkable abode is like embarking on a journey through history, as its age spans nearly a century, offering a unique opportunity to relish the essence of old house living. The heart of this Japanese house beats with the grace of shoji and glass windows, defining its aesthetic appeal. For the uninitiated, shoji refers to the elegant sliding doors made of translucent paper, filtering sunlight with a soft and ethereal glow. These features not only infuse the dwelling with an unmistakable charm but also grant an intimate connection to the surrounding nature, adding to the allure of your stay.

Despite its vintage allure, the Traditional Hut in Zushi ensures modern comforts are not left amiss. The house comes fully equipped with modern amenities, including a well-appointed kitchen and a convenient washing machine, making your stay seamless and delightful. However, the house is still adorned with tatami, inviting you to relish the pleasure of sitting and sleeping in time-honored fashion.

This staycation spot is located merely an 8-minute walk from Shin-zushi station, offering both serenity and accessibility. It serves as an ideal base for exploration, granting easy access to the enchanting wonders of Kamakura, the coastal allure of Hayama, and the scenic splendors of the Miura Peninsula.

Book here for $252 per night.

2. Modern loft in Kamakura

Discover a captivating oasis of modernity and comfort in the heart of Kamakura, where a studio loft awaits to redefine your staycation experience.

This loft exudes contemporary charm with its woody base accentuated by vibrant-colored furniture, creating an ambiance that instantly uplifts your spirits. While the loft is open to everyone, we find it best suited for solo travellers, whether you’re on a journey of self discovery, or simply seeking a serene retreat to work remotely while still savouring the joys of sightseeing abroad. The humble loft offers a spacious dining table and dedicated work desk.

It’s also conveniently located beside Kataseyama station, allowing you to easily travel to Kamakura and Enoshima. You’ll find yourself captivated by its breathtaking beauty and cultural allure. Additionally, with Yokohama just under an hour away, the loft becomes a convenient gateway to further adventures.

While the monorail station nearby might add a touch of noise, the true charm lies in the fact that the studio nestles in a tranquil residential neighborhood, ensuring that any sound from passing trains dissipates quickly, granting you a haven of tranquility and privacy. For those seeking a harmonious blend of exploration and solitude, the Studio Loft in Kamakura offers an enchanting refuge that leaves you invigorated and inspired throughout your stay.

Book here from $100 per night.

3. Ocean-view villa in Yokosuka

Welcome to your seaside paradise in Yokosuka — an Ocean View Villa that will leave you breathless with its stunning vistas.

Perched just 30 seconds away from the sandy shore, this two-story haven beckons you with its awe-inspiring panorama of the ocean. Indulge in the luxury of waking up to the sight of the shimmering waves, as the bathroom itself boasts an ocean view, creating an unparalleled bathing experience. 

With four bedrooms and an additional tatami room for those yearning for an authentic touch of Japanese living, this villa accommodates both large groups and intimate gatherings. Some may wish to focus on work using the provided work desks in each bedroom, while others may prefer to cook up a storm in the fully equipped open kitchen. There is even a massage chair that faces the vast ocean on the first floor.

While there aren’t many tourist attractions — aside from the beaches — in the area, entertainment takes center stage within the villa. A large TV in the living room caters to those cosy movie nights or exciting sports events. But more importantly, the Ocean View Villa goes the extra mile by offering a tempting BBQ pit, which you can either rent yourself or savour an on-spot BBQ service starting from 4,400 yen. This thoughtful addition adds a flavourful touch to your stay, perfect for delightful gatherings and delicious meals with a backdrop of the sparkling ocean.

Whether you seek tranquility by the beach, fun-filled gatherings, or a touch of Japanese living, the Ocean View Villa in Yokosuka promises an unforgettable escape that caters to every desire.

Book here from $1,723 per night.

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