Flat lay of Banana Pudding yogurt bowl at Thanks, Oat at Bukchon Hanok Village

There are a couple of dishes I will never get at cafes because of how easy it is to replicate at home: avocado toasts, matcha latte and… yogurt bowls.

But who can resist this?

Thanks, Oats is a yogurt and granola bowl speciality cafe in Seoul, Korea.

The Banana Pudding (₩7,500) tasted as good as it looked. Slicing the bananas so thinly bestowed a melt-in-the-mouth texture upon it. Meanwhile, the cacao nibs and caramel, which had a low level of sweetness, added richness to the bowl.

While the flavours were perfect, its texture was off-putting. The greek yogurt was so thick and sticky that it was impossible to get a clean scoop on the first try. Think mochi.

Ordering was as difficult as scooping the yogurt, with their menu purely in Korean. What I had to do was scroll through their Instagram and pointed at the one I wanted. To save you the trouble, here’s a translated version of Thanks, Oat’s menu.

  • 넛츠 판타지 – greek yogurt, granola, agave nectar
  • 바나나 푸딩 – granola, banana, cacao nibs, roasted nuts, chia seeds, caramel
  • 허니 그레이프 – granola, green grapes, red grapes, coconut chunks, agave nectar
  • 오레지 플라썸 – granola, green kiwi, orange, dark chocolate, agave nectar
  • 하와이안 레시피 – granola, pineapple, green kiwi, red quinoa, agave nectar
  • 플루 치즈 나잇 – granola, cheese yogurt, blueberry, Grana Padano cheese, agave nectar
  • 아보카도 블랜디드 – granola, avocado, tomato, basil oil, black olive, agave nectar
  • 살사크루다 – avocado, tomato, black olive, basil oil, nacho chip

Thanks, Oat’s has two branches in Seoul. One is located in Yeonnam-dong, while the one I visited was a few minutes away from Bukchon Hanok Village.

Location: Jongno-gu, Bukchon-do, 21-10
서울 종로구 북촌로 21-10
Opening hours: 11am-8pm


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