The common denominator across anyone’s Chiang Mai itinerary is indubitably Chiang Mai Old Town. Nestled within the ancient walls of this storied city, lies a treasure trove of history and traditions waiting to be unravelled as you meander through its charming alleys — adorned with temples, museums, cafes and lively markets.

Amidst this veritable tapestry of time, stands The Chiang Mai Old Town hotel, a place of respite and reverence. The hotel is situated along Rachamankha Road, close to the western walls of the ancient city. However, its allure goes beyond its convenient location, but rather, lies within its connection to the past. The origins of this beguiling hotel trace back to a historical house, that was later artfully transformed into the luxury accommodation you see today. Despite breathing new life into the heritage property, the hotel retains much of its original charm and character. For starters, the preserved old well at the entrance is a prominent feature of the hotel, and more awaits. As you step further into the hotel, past the lobby, you will find the symbolic miniature paddy fields cascading beside the inviting pool.

Even the rooms are furnished with the echos of antiquity. Dark wooden furniture exudes an air of rustic charm, while soft, dim lights cast a warm glow, transporting you to a bygone era. We stayed in the Deluxe King with Bathtub, where the bathroom is almost as spacious as the bedroom. After a relaxing bubble bath, we coordinated our outfits in the walk-in closet between bedroom and bathroom, and enjoyed our welcome coconut drinks with an episode on Netflix (installed on their television). The day was still at its dawn, and we had some exploring to do.

The truth about Old Town

Old Town stands as a captivating tourist attraction, drawing visitors from far and wide. Yet, at its heart lies a conundrum, where everything seems to carry a hefty price tag. However, a sweet spot exists amidst this allure — Rachamankha Road. Here, convenience and affordability harmoniously blend, offering a locale that embraces both the essence of the city and the pulse of its local life. Open-air food stalls dot the surroundings, beckoning you to savour authentic delicacies. Krua Chanthaboon Restaurant tantalises taste buds with an array of local delights, while Pad Thai Por Kong crafts exquisite Pad Thai that lingers our memories. For those seeking a touch more comfort, at a slightly higher price, Chamchuri Kitchen warmly welcomes you. Among the popular culinary gems in this area, Shabu Buffet shines as a favourite among locals and travellers alike. Embrace Rachamankha Road, where the true spirit of Old Town thrives, allowing you to indulge in the city’s treasures without breaking the bank.

Of course, the most convenient of them all would be The Vorra Bistro, offering traditional Italian cuisine. While we didn’t get a chance to try their Buffalo Wings and Nashville Burgers, the inviting Parisian ambience enhanced our breakfast experience the next morning.

Having enjoyed an early dinner outside the hotel, we returned just in the nick of time to indulge in a rejuvenating massage at The Vorra Spa. Without a doubt, the Thai Massage beckoned us, and it proved to be a truly comforting experience as the skilled masseuse attentively tended to our needs. Their other options are Aromatherapy Massage and the Facial Massage.

In the heart of the ancient city, where history whispers and traditions flourish, The Chiang Mai Old Town hotel awaits, ready to embrace you in a world of wonder and timeless allure.

The Chiang Mai Old Town

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