A place for foodies, thrill-seekers and shoppers, GR.ID is the latest entertainment-centric space for youngsters.

Located in the heart of Dhoby Ghaut, where SOTA, Kaplan and the stretch of bars at Prinsep Street are at, GR.ID stands for Great Identities. It’s a befitting name for the one-of-a-kind landmark for new-age
shoppers to find their identities through meaningful and positive interactions.

Restaurants and cafes at GR.ID

Grab a quick bite at Kamikaze Asian Tapas Bar, with skewers from $0.9 and creative Japanese fusion dishes. The bar is located on GR.ID’s highest floor, with a rooftop garden that overlooks Prinsep Street.

For a hearty meal, head down to the first floor for authentic Taiwanese cuisine at Isshin Machi. The menu pays homage to Taiwanese street food while providing the comforts of casual dining in their eatery. We recommend their Deep-fried Specially Marinated Pork Chop, which is well seasoned, crispy and tender.

If you’re planning to celebrate a special occasion or impress a date, House On The Moon is the place for you. Helmed by mutli-Michelin star holder Juan Amador,  the chefs combine contemporary culinary suave with pastry-making techniques to create exceptional dishes and memorable gastronomic experiences.

Of course, casual eateries such as waffles and gelato and ICEBAR and Taiwanese bubble tea at Cing Tea are available.

Things to do at GR.ID

Balance out your meal with an intense workout at The Battleground, a 50-minute functional training session with over 10 battleground formats to spice up your exercise. Their sessions include high-intensity interval training, bodyweight exercises and obstacle courses.

A more relaxing option is a golf simulation at GOLFTEC Singapore.

Music fanatics can also make their way to MADDspace, which stands for music, art, drama and dance, which offers a wide range of classes in the aforementioned categories.

Lastly, challenge yourself at Loading, an escape room with live action roleplaying. With over 200 costumers and accessories, you can immerse yourselves in an adventure or engage in a creative photoshoot!

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