In my previous reviews on Eleven Strands and South Union Park, I pondered if paying extra for handmade pasta was worth the extra money. For instance, the additional cost of $4 for handmade tagliatelle at Eleven Strands. My conclusion was: they were. Tipo Pasta Bar, or Tipo Strada (the same restaurant with a different name at Novena), specializes in handmade pasta from $9.9.

Tipo Pasta Bar was eponymous with the Tipo flour that’s commonly found in pasta recipes. (An alternative would be semolina flour).

Build your own pasta from $9.9

Pasta starts from $9.9 for 100g which admittedly is affordable.

While customization is limited, you have the autonomy to build your own pasta, nonetheless. Both of us dived straight for the signature Pink Sauce which was a mix of Pomodoro and Alfredo. Essentially, tomato sauce with cream since most establishments has adapted the Americanized version.

For toppings, the options included Mushroom ($2.5), Chicken ($3), Duck ($4) and Prawn ($4) whereas add-ons had Arugula ($1.5), Sun-dried Tomatoes ($1.5), Sous Vide Egg ($2.5) and Truffle Pate ($3.0). Parmesan Cheese and Chili Flakes were, fortunately, free.

It was a decent plate of pasta at best. The contours of the Malfade was interesting but objectively, it wasn’t one of the better choices for pasta because of its thickness No equality for pasta shapes here.

Meanwhile, the sauce was straightforward. It’s exactly what you’d expect creamy tomato sauce to be, a good blend of richness and earthiness with a prick of tang from the vestige of fresh tomatoes. 

Other than the truffle pate that delivered what it promised- waves of lavish truffle fumes- every other topping made me mad. Barely any mushrooms were given and the arugula was devoid of it signature spice.


Tipo Strada store in Novena

I’d hope to conclude that Tipo Strada was the gateway drug to handmade pasta given its low starting price of $9.9 but it really wasn’t. I get its appeal though. Handmade pasta is a compelling case by itself. Not to mention dyed ribbon-shaped pasta and the amusement of building your own pasta. I didn’t regret my first (and probably only) visit but spending a little more could get you pasta that was exponentially better, unless you Herculean self-control to get solely the 100g of pasta. Regretfully, I’d spent $18.

Location: 103 Irrawaddy Rd, #01-09 Royal Square at Novena, Singapore 329566
Tel: +65 8588 6183
Opening hours: 11am- 10pm


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